Super Study Breaks to Lighten the Load!

Whew! The semester is finally over! It was a hectic and demanding time, but overall it went very well.

The past week and a half were filled with last minute studying, cramming, and of course…taking final exams.

To say that everyone was stressed is a complete understatement. People were literally going crazy. I didn’t think that it was possible, as I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed all the time, but as I looked around me, everyone was becoming hysterical. Their brains were overloaded with new and past knowledge and they didn’t know what to do! 

My clustermates and I had a busy schedule aside from studying. On Saturday night, two of my clustermates were in the production “The Nutcracker.” Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get tickets, so instead we decided to take in a Christmas Madrigal. I LOVE MADRIGRALS. Literally, I go to one every year because I think they are so awesome. Hope’s production didn’t disappoint. My roomie, Shannon, and our clustermate, Jen, accompanied me. We dressed up and enjoyed a fabulous dinner of Mutton, Pork, wild rice, potatoes, veggies, spiced cider, lemonade, and for dessert — FIGGY PUDDING! How cool, hey? 
 Here we are all dressed up and ready to go!

The dancers and choir were awesome! Here’s a glance at the formality of the event: 

 Jen and I also took in the Hope Hockey game agaist Robert Morris University. It was a fun game and nice to get back to the rink (I love hockey!). Hope ended up winning 4-2, although Hope outplayed RMU the entire game. 

As exam week came upon us, we studied super hard and became very concentrated. 

Monday night, Phelps hosted the Up-All-Night breakfast for all Hope students from 9pm-11pm. It was a delicious study break and students even started breaking out into Christmas songs! Everyone was just very relieved to have a quick break. It really motivated me to stick it out to the end of my exams.

Here Alex poses with her breakfast:

We had a cluster Christmas party to exchange secret-santa gifts and we even procrastinated (just a little bit ;)) and watched a ton of Christmas movies.

However, now we’re FREE.. a whole month off to relax and calm down. It was so sad as my roomies and I packed to go home. We’ll be apart for SOOO LONG. I bet I’ll end up visiting them before the month is over. Stay strong to the end of your schooling this year. You can do it! 

Enjoy the time you have, it goes fast!

Until next time…



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