Play Outside!

IMG_6830If you have lived in Michigan this winter you know it has been a long snowy winter. I have never experienced a winter quite like this one. I’m from Springfield, IL, where it is rare to get six inches at once. Even though there have been days where I thought the winter would never end, I know spring is right around the corner. I have learned the importance of enjoying the snow and embracing the weather. Although it has been bitterly cold, I have still enjoyed being outside. The snow is absolutely gorgeous as a white fresh blanket covers the ground.


A couple of weeks ago my friend Lydia and I braved the 7 degree weather and decided to go on a hike at Riley Trails. The trails are about a 15-minute drive from Hope. We maneuvered our way through the trees and explored new paths. When we walked off the paths we would sink into the snow above our knees.


We even thought it would be a good idea to climb a tree and look out at all of the trees gleaming with sunlight. I felt like a kid again climbing trees and enjoyed being carefree. After we finished our long hike at the trails, we made our way to a school’s playground and played there for an hour. We swung on the swings as the bitter cold wind swept across our faces. However, the wind did not seem too daunting because the sun’s rays were beaming fully. I truly appreciated winter that day and was thankful I took time to be carefree and just enjoy my surroundings exactly as they were. I encourage everyone to embrace winter and bundle up to spend some time outdoors.

Lydia and I enjoyed our time at Riley Trails
Lydia and I enjoyed our time at Riley Trails
Climbing a tree
Climbing a tree

It’s Been A Long Week

Hey Friends! I’m so happy I’m finally posting. It’s been a long week to say the least. But now that “humpday” is over, I can truly recuperate from the busy-ness and the stress. I just want to share with you al what happened last weekend and this week!

WEEKEND: My weekend wasn’t really eventful until I had last minute plans. But before those last minute plans, all I did was homework. I was doing it for “prophylactic” measures. In nursing, prophylaxis for something means prevention. So, I did homework to prevent massive piles of it later on. And boy did it pay off. Right now, I would be drowning in an ocean of papers. But on Saturday, my friends Joey, Erica, and I went to an Asian Fusion restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids. Let me tell you how delicious it was. It was delicious. There. This was totally worth the 30 minute drive. Here are two photos from the excursion!

It's Joey, Erica, and myself!
It’s Joey, Erica, and myself!
Ok. This is the best Thai curry out there. Massaman Curry. If you haven't had it before, go get some NOW!
Ok. This is the best Thai curry out there. Massaman Curry. If you haven’t had it before, go get some NOW!

After our Asian food, we drove back to good ol’ Hope and went to OrangeLeaf, the best FroYo joint in Holland. Although it was like -10 degrees outside, this froyo was worth it because 1) I was with some of my best friends, and 2) it was pistachio flavor. If you haven’t had pistachio flavor, GO TRY SOME! Then on Sunday, I woke up super early, as in 7:30 AM to get even more work done. I am so glad I did. Because now, I have put myself super ahead on all of my work. I truly wish I had this motivation like, Freshman year? Anyways, I did homework with Joey for a while.

Once Joey and I had a good amount of homework done, we planned our weekend excursion in Europe! We are both going to the Vienna Summer School, and because we are attending both the May and June session, we get a free weekend! So, we decided on visiting ROME, ITALY! It’s quite exciting because we have our hotel booked, and our flights determined. This is just super exciting! (PAUSE: Time to jump up and down).

On a side note, after Europe this summer, I have another trip planned down my sleeve. This time, it’s CANADA! I am going to visit my family and Canada’s natural beauty, of course! This summer will be fun for sure. Here is a picture that is my main motivator for the rest of this semester! How can this picture not get you stoked for an adventure of a lifetime?

Top: Vienna, Austria Bottom: Banff National Park, Calgary, Canada
Top: Vienna, Austria
Bottom: Banff National Park, Calgary, Canada

Just last week, we, Hope College, had midterms. Now, we only have 8 weeks of class left. Time is seriously flying by. This last half of the semester, I also started a new clinical, ADULT NURSING! I am so stoked because I get to perform so many nursing skills and I get to observe really cool things. Nursing in general is just great. But with the start of this class comes with all of the extra work! But hey, its what I signed up for. In the end, its going to be worth it! Now, I am just cursing until Friday. I have great plans for this weekend. More homework, hanging out with some friends, and I’m going to Ann Arbor to watch a University of Michigan basketball game! I’m so STOKED!

Anyways, that’s it for now. Expect another blog post coming up – I am going to answer more questions from my “Dear Abby” question bank! It’s a good one, I promise!

Sochi 2014 / Сочи 2014

Okay folks, the XXII (22nd) Winter Olympic Games is on, and is on until February 23rd. I don’t know about you, but every time the Olympics are on, I always get super pumped and become inspired. Every two years, despite many countries’ differences, the world comes together for 2 weeks to attain one goal: get a gold medal. So, if every country strives for that, aren’t we merely all the same? (food for thought).

Sochi in Russian looks so much cooler, so I also put that in the title. Not only is it cooler looking, it adds pizzaz. I’ve probably watched more Olympics events than completing my homework, so Winter Break is currently a bust. I mean, I have homework everyday, but the Olympics don’t come everyday!

The Olympic Rings
The Olympic Rings

Here are some Olympic facts. Let’s focus on the Olympic Rings as featured above. Each ring symbolizes the continents of the world. North & South America are considered one mass, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia (and Oceana). Why are they interlocked? Because each nation from each geographical region compete in unity. Pretty cool eh?

Currently, here are the medal standings as of February 9, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Norway has 7, The Netherlands has 4, and The United States of America also has 4. C’mon USA, get more medals! (Okay, I know, it’s only 3rd fay of competition, there are more days to come). If you want to know the standings, simply type in “Medal Count Sochi 2014” into Google, and it will give you a super cool chart. My favorite events in the Winter Olympics are figure skating, skiing (alpine & nordic combined), snowboarding, and what the heck, all of them. They’re all fun to watch, especially games for medal contention.

There is so much more to come in the Olympics, and Im just pumped. Sometimes, I wish I was an Olympic athlete, but I’m fine where I am right now. Okay, before I end, I just want to give you a list of where the next games will be. I personally think we need another in the USA!

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Summer 2016
  • Peyongchang, South Korea – Winter 2018
  • Tokyo, Japan – Summer 2020

Alrighty, that’s all I have for now. In the meanwhile, GO USA!

A Week In Review

TGIF. I never knew this day would come. Okay, Fridays always come, I’m just over-exaggerating. Many exciting things happened this past week, and more exciting things are going to happen. Want to know why? Because WINTER BREAK IS AROUND THE CORNER! Truly exciting. Okay, so I want to share with y’all what I did from last Friday until today; like a ‘Week in Review’ dealio.

A week ago today, I had my first Hibachi experience. Yes, I’ve been to plenty of Japanese restaurants, but I’ve never fully experienced Hibachi, when the chefs cook the food in front of you. Talk about a tease. I was sooooooo hungry by the time our chef was cooking, all I wanted to do was eat, but his dazzling display of skill and talent was well worth it. I just want to take the time to thank my friends who made these plans. In the slideshow at the bottom of this post, there’s an artsy picture I took.

Obviously, last Sunday was the Superbowl. A bunch of my friends, including Chelsea Barfield, fellow Hope blogger, went to our family friend’s house, the Winters. They are so nice to have us over all the time. Seriously, if you’re reading this – YOU ROCK. Anyways, we enjoyed each others company, great food, and interesting game… if it was a game, to say the least. In the slideshow below, there’s a picture of me and my friend Alex with brownies on our teeth to make us look buck-toothed. It’s kind of a weird tradition started my freshman year. Classic me; goofball.

For my Maternity clinical, we are required to have a periopertative experience. For those of you who don’t understand medical jargon, periopertative means the entire surgery process; pre, intra, and post. You know how PERImeter means around something? PERIoperative represents the same idea, all around the surgical process. Anyways, it was such an exciting day. It started at 0645 (sorry, I’m used to military time now). You might think that’s early, it is, but for surgery, I’ll do anything. Once I got to the hospital, they welcomed me, and had me change ASAP so I can start my day. I chose to be with the ENT surgeon (ears-nose-throat). He seriously had back-to-back-to-back-to-back surgeries. He was so fast. Because of this, I observed 10 surgeries that day. It was super exciting to say the least. I’ve truly never explored surgical nursing – but after this awesome experience, I’m thinking about it!!!

I’m oh so glad it’s break after my class today. Although I should be relaxing, I will be partaking in many homework assignments and getting ahead so I am in tip-top shape for what’s to come this semester. Also, if you didn’t know, THE 22ND WINTER OLYMPICS STARTED YESTERDAY IN SOCHI, RUSSIA! I watched it literally for 4 hours. Tonight at 1930 (7:00 p.m.) is the opening ceremony. Here is a link to get you PUMPED.


And then when I’m not watching the Olympics, I’ll be watching my new favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation. Well, here is that slideshow I promised!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll definitely be posting something during break, so be on the lookout!


From frigid arctic air, ice, and ungodly amounts of snow, Hope College has endured so much already this semester. I’m pretty sure that this fine institution has made HISTORY. Why? 2½ snow days in ONE SEMESTER. This school never closes because of snow because we’re a residential college. Meaning, the majority of students live on-campus, and faculty/staff live in the greater Holland area. But, mother nature is no match for the Flying Dutch. She definitely stopped by West Michigan and left her mark.

Although she has left the majority of her mark, she’s still lingering, and it’s quite irritating. Nonetheless, that’s not stopping me from my fun! I want share with you all what happened during my extended weekend! So yeah, EXTENDED weekend! The campus closed down at noon, and my only class was at 1. Score. After walking back to my apartment, I did absolutely nothing. THEN, one of my bests, HANNAH, had the brilliant idea of going to Meijer for groceries, you know before we get trapped in the snow. Here’s an interesting quote she said, and it’s so true…

“Why do we always decide to get groceries whenever there’s a winter storm?”

Anyway, there was a bunch of snow on her car. And she was not having it. So, I cleaned it off, but then I realized I didn’t have my gloves on, so Hannah had to finish the snow removal. She was just a little frustrated with the snow.

She's just not that happy about the snow.
She’s just not that happy about the snow.

By the way, if any of you need tours of our beautiful campus, Hannah is your girl! She is a tour guide at admissions, and let me tell you, she gives some GOOD tours!! Ok, so after our little Meijer adventure, we worked on some homework (yeah, it’s what we did during the majority of the snow day), then we treated ourselves to dinner, enjoyed a thriller movie called 911 with Halle Berry (SIDE NOTE: it’s really INTENSE), then went to sleep respectively.

Saturday came along, and the weather still has not changed one bit. So much wind, so much snow, and so much frigidness. Might I add, the Holland Road Commission and Hope College took a while to plow the roads, parking lots, and sidewalks because there was simply so. much. snow. Here is a picture on my way to back to Hannah’s apartment. The snow is merely endless.

Endless amount of snow.
Endless amount of snow.

My goal for this Saturday: get work done. I had some curriculum development I had to tend to, and some homework. But before I did any of that, I went to the Dow to workout with Hannah and Divya. We were literally working out for more than an hour. And let me tell you, I AM SORE. But it’s the good kind of sore! So, I had so much adrenaline after working out, I was motivated to accomplish everything on my “to-do” list. First on that list was to move my car to my apartment parking lot. Let me tell you, that was a hassle. I got my care out of my parking spot, but I could not get it out of the actual parking lot, so I called for some help. My good friend Austin had to come and help shovel me out. TWICE! Once in the parking lot where my car was, and one at my apartment’s parking lot. Crazy. But, I didn’t feel silly because I saw AT LEAST 10 people who were stuck and digging their cars out. In the midst of the frustration, I took a snowpocalypse selfie. Here ya go.

#Snowpocalypse #selfie
#Snowpocalypse #selfie

Eventually, I did my work and homework. It ended up being a pretty good day. After homework, I made myself some dinner, and went over to Hannah and Divya’s apartment to finish up some homework, and just hang out! On the way there, there was a huge snow pile. I had to take a picture.

But look at that snow pile.
But look at that snow pile.

All I wanted to do was to play in it, but I was not properly equipped. Anyways, after I arrived at their apartment, Hannah was making dinner for herself and Divya, and it looked so amazing, and it was DELICIOUS. Want a picture?

Made by Chef Hannah
Made by Chef Hannah

Not only did her food look appetizing, it was very decadent. Anyways, after dinner, and just talking, we ended up watching another movie, End Of Watch. I’m currently in the midst of watching it, so I’m going to leave it here for now. I’ll post more tomorrow, make sure you are on the watch!

Winter Wonderland

It’s so great to be back at Hope, folks! I have settled and moved back into my apartment, and bought my books for the upcoming semester. I only needed 3, but the total was still over $300 with used books, and I even tried looking on Amazon. Oh, the struggles of being a poor college kid. Anyways, as my title suggests, there is so much snow here in Holland. I came a day early to try and beat storm Ion. Yeah, the stinkin’ storm has a name. Luckily, I made it back before the sky started dumping massive amounts of snow. Ok, just look at this radar picture, courtesy of


How is this much snow even possible? Ok, here is what the National Weather Service states: Holland is going to get 2-5 inches of snow tonight, and a possibility of 3-6 inches by tomorrow evening. Not to mention this arctic air we are getting, wind chills will drag the temperature down, and there is going to be so much drifting snow. Yeah, holy cow. Mother nature, way to make an entrance in the new year, you diva.

In the midst of the weather chaos, I took one of my best campus photos ever. And I can’t wait to share it with you. Although winter storm Ion is scary and causes potential danger, look how pretty Hope College is.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

So if you are going to make your way out tonight, please drive with extreme caution. I want every student to make it back to this campus safe and alive for the new semester. If you are delaying your travels until tomorrow, please still drive with caution because Ion’s winter storm warning doesn’t end until tomorrow night! And, if you are already here, let’s build a snowman!

It’s crazy to think that spring semester is starting in 2 days. Break flew by, but in general, time flies by. Before you know it, it’ll be May and it’ll be time to part again. Best of luck to the students this coming semester, and my excitement continues to grow as time ticks because pretty soon, the Hope College class of 2018 will be here!

Please make sure to follow me here on twitter. And check out my Instagram, @marvsolberg. Stay safe out there, everyone!

My Semester Highlights!

I can’t believe that my semester ends tomorrow. Well, I actually can. As my friend put it, the days drag on, but the weeks just fly by! My fifth semester of college has been nothing but a learning experience and fun. I learned more about God, myself, my relationship with Him, my friends, and my relationships with them. Obviously, I learned more about nursing, but I also had a fun semester on top of academia! I kept busy by being involved, working, and just doing school. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst semester and 10 being the best semester, I would give this semester an 8! That’s pretty good! I just want to share my top moments with you this semester!


When I learned that I was accepted to be a student blogger, I was nothing but excited. I love sharing my experiences with others, and I enjoy the effect that it can have on people. I hope (no pun intended) that my blog has nothing but an inspiration to you all who read it! I can’t wait to continue to blog next semester, but don’t worry. I’ll blog during break so you can keep up!


This semester, I started my nursing practicums. Now that I have started them, I am in it for the long run! Being in the hospital setting was great affirmation for me because I know this is what I wanted to do, and I LOVE IT. I am happy God put me on the nursing track. Along with my practicums, I had many opportunities to be involved within the program itself. I became a nursing TA for one of my favorite classes. I cannot wait to continue on with that as well!


Our college inaugurated the our 12th president! It was so cool to be a part of this experience, and it was definitely a historic event. I mean, when is the next time we will get a new president? In like, 10-15 years? You never know! Just being a part of this transition was awesome. On top of his inauguration, his involvement within the student body has been nothing but wonderful. On several occasions, he opened his patio for students to eat cookies, nachos, salsa, and drink punch. I mean, how cool is that!? And we also had the opportunity to talk with him and Mrs. Knapp! This college is simply UNIQUE!


Although I am Odd Year, The Pull was a pretty historic event for the Even Year, and I congratulate them! The Pull is always intense and awesome. One of my fellow nursing majors and friend was the pull rep for the Odd Year, so it was cool to ask him all about it! On the other hand, Odd Year won Nykerk, which was awesome. Hope traditions are seriously the best because there is so much student involvement in them. Not all schools has this!


I also had the awesome opportunity to serve on SAC (Student Activies Committee). As a core member, I had the opportunity to plan events for campus, which was a bunch of fun! Some big events include the Chicago Trip, and I planned that! SAC has been such a great experience. I was challenged as in individual, but I also grew, made new relationships, and gained new skills! For next year, I am a SAC DIRECTOR! I learned about this news just yesterday! I am so stoked to serve as a director for our campus next year! Expect awesome things, everyone!


In October, I had the opportunity to visit Hannah’s hometown of Green Lake. Hannah is one of my best friends, so it was just even more fun! This was the first time I have ever been to Wisconsin, and my priority was eating fried cheese. Did it happen? OF COURSE! And while in Wisconsin, Hannah and I met Bucky The Badger. How cool!?



On October 19th, my best friend Joey and I trekked to Ann Arbor for the weekend to watch a Michigan football game. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, and it was definitely on my bucket list. I am SO glad it is now checked off. We watched The Indiana Hoosiers play The Wolverines, and it was a great game to go to because MICHIGAN WON! If you have the opportunity to go to a big school to watch a football game, I recommend it.

Halftime photo
Halftime photo


This is always a highlight of any fall semester. There is just so much fun during the Hoedown, especially if you are with all of your awesome friends. My favorite part was eating the fall inspired food, and line dancing. It’s always a blast! Here is a picture!

Here are some of my favorite people; Erica and Joey!
Here are some of my favorite people; Erica and Joey!


This was something to put down for the books. President Knapp, his family, and Hope College started a new tradition of lighting a Christmas tree. It was SO cold at this event, but how could you miss it!? It was the first one, EVER. And now, I can say that, “Oh! I was at the first tree lighting 50 years ago!” when I’m older. But here is a picture!

Here is the lit tree with my candle. How cool!
Here is the lit tree with my candle. How cool!


For Thanksgiving Break this year, I had the opportunity to go visit and sightsee Las Vegas. It was so awesome!!! We saw shows like The Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil. We also went to all of the famous hotels, and toured around. We also went to The Hoover Dam and ate a lot of Filipino food. This is definitely a trip I will not forget!

Just living life off the edge...of the Hoover Dam!
Just living life off the edge…of the Hoover Dam!


Every year, Ballet Club puts on a ballet entitled, “The Nutcracker.” It is really famous, and is a classic ballet for the winter time. I performed the role of BOTH the Nutcracker and the Cavalier. Can you say exhausting, but fun!? My friends and family came and saw me perform. It truly was a blessing to have them in the audience. Here is a picture of my mom, brother, and me!

Here I am with my mom and brother!
Here I am with my mom and brother!


Really early in the semester, I applied for the Vienna May Term. Then as the semester was winding down, I decided I wanted to spend both May and June in Vienna. SO, I ended up applying for both. Just last week, I was informed I was accepted to both terms, received my first choice for classes, and RECEIVED A SCHOLARSHIP! So I am definitely going. This is just a picture of what I’ll be seeing so soon!

I'll be here for 2 MONTHS this summer!
I’ll be here for 2 MONTHS this summer!

WOW! A lot happened this semester. Writing about it was some good reminiscing. Now, just one exam and one day separates me from Christmas Break! I am so ready to be home with family and friends! I hope you all had great semester (for those of you on the semester system) and I hope you all had a great 1st trimester/part of your 2nd trimester (for those of you in the trimester system)! Stay updated with my break posts by following me on Twitter! God Bless everyone!


Hello, Snow… I’m going to need more than just the Michigan Mitten

Being an Iowa girl, attending college in Michigan already makes me smitten with the mitten, but with all of this cold and snow, it’s going to take some serious supplies to endure the winter.

As promised earlier this fall, I put together a list of necessary survival tools for the Holland winter. This is only the beginning, and I’m sure I’ll be adding more tools later in the year — but so far, here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. A real winter coat

Up until now, I’ve survived with my 7th grade Aeropostale pea coat, but since the temperature has dropped down to a mere 23 degrees (and today all of the buttons fell off of my coat, so… that’s quite the issue.) In the meantime, I do have my crazy patterned ski coat here, so that’ll do until Thanksgiving break when I see my mom and she can pass along my new blue pea coat. 🙂 My suggestion is go for something warm with a hood, so that you don’t always have to juggle a hat if you’re just walking down the street.

2. A highly attractive scarf

In the end, who doesn’t want a warm, cozy way to keep your neck from getting chilled? Therefore, the solution is a scarf. Regardless of age or gender, the scarf is one of those personal items that will enhance your style and add conversation (that is, if you have a good one.) What do I mean by this? Well…

Scarf with Dogs on it
This is what I mean. Although it may quite possibly be the most odd scarf you have ever seen, I received it a few years back as a Christmas present… and honestly, I secretly really love it.:)

3. A positive attitude

Let’s be honest here. What college student truly wants to leave the depths of their nice, warm bed for an 8 AM class across campus? (The answer? No one. Not even if your crush is in your 8 AM class.) In this case, we must adapt our “But my bed is so warm” mentality for a “Just think about it — I can get 50 cents off my coffee at Cool Beans coffeehouse as an early bird bonus!” These minor changes in thinking will impact the rest of your day and give you a warm-up from the cold.

4. A pair of boots with grippers on the bottom

Being a blonde, this one may only apply to me. However, trying to wear shoes without grips on the slushy sidewalks is a recipe for disaster. Although these types of boots are not always the most attractive, put all worry aside and put safety over style. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, blankets, fluffy socks… warmth.

On the lucky side, even though most of the dorms are lacking air conditioning, heat is highly prevalent in the dorms. In fact, our room was starting to get so cozy I had to turn on the fan earlier last week! Now with the cold setting in full swing, the fan has been tucked back into the closet. On the plus side, though, Hope’s heat (at least in Kollen) is definitely working! But if the heat just isn’t enough, a mug, the comforter from your bed, and some of those fuzzy wuzzy socks will be sufficient alternatives.

Stay cozy with your laptop or smartphone and keep up with me @hopesophie17! If you have any questions, comments, or anything in between, feel free to comment below or send me an email at


If you have been following me or any of the other Hope bloggers on Twitter, you are probably aware of what happened on Thursday. If this is sounding new, let me bring you up to speed: it snowed.

I repeat, it SNOWED. In OCTOBER.

This is not what Hope looks like! This is simply a beautiful picture of snow I found

As a Kansas-born, Michigan-bred girl, I am no stranger to winter weather conditions. The word “snow” don’t make me panic or cower, and I even enjoy it when appropriate. Key word: appropriate. Late October is in no way, shape, or form, appropriate weather for snow.

Like I just said, I was raised in Michigan, so this is not my first time seeing snow in October. I even ran a cross country in snow in October once in high school. The difference between then and now is that now I’m in college.

Snow in college poses several difficulties:

  1. Field placements/student teaching. For my education field placement this semester, I am placed at a local high school. Luckily, the high school is not too far away from campus, but snowy conditions means that I have to wake up earlier to allow myself more driving time, and I have to take off whatever mountain of show accumulated on my the day before. Not so much fun to do at 6:45 AM.
  2. Walking. Unlike high school, where the closest you get to snow during the school day is the window, you have to walk everywhere in college. Hope’s small campus means that my walks aren’t very far, but I still spend a significant about of time outside. If I had to estimate, I would say that I spend at least one hour per day walking around campus. With gusting winds, heavy snow fall, and cold temperatures, my enjoyable fall walks become detestable in winter. Also, a snow day in college is as rare as a 70-degree day in November; it almost never happens (in case you were wondering, the last time Hope closed for a snow day was in 2011). So no matter how much it snows or how cold it gets, I still have to go outside.
  3. Mental Preparation. Though I enjoy seeing the beauty of all four seasons, summer is by far the best time of the year for me. After it ends, I go through a mourning and denial period, a.k.a fall, where I still try to wear my summer clothes for as long as I can. The few months of fall allow me to reminisce over summer while preparing for the upcoming winter. The unexpectedly short fall this year has not given me enough time to get myself into the right mindset for snow, which has consequently led me to my current state of shock, confusion, anger, and sadness.

So you see, I’m not complaining over nothing. I have legitimate reasons to be upset over the snow. However, not all hope it lost. As I’m typing these final words, the sun is starting to peak out from behind the clouds and the snow patches are melting into snow puddles.

God really does answer prayers.


P.S.-Feel the same way? Let me know in a comment or on Twitter!

Skiing at Bittersweet; bitter cold but super sweet

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday. This past week flew. The week started off great because I went skiing with my friends at Bittersweet. I absolutely love skiing!!!! I went with Julie and Amy and Jenna’s family. The four of us drove there in the morning to meet her family at the ski lodge in the afternoon. Skiing was a lot of fun, especially with their family. It was also Julie’s first time skiing, and she did awesome. We skied down pretty much all the slopes and made it through the day injury free. However, a little girl collided into Amy and took her out. The little girl was skiing straight down the hill and nailed Amy from behind. Thankfully Amy just ended up with a bloody tongue.

We finished up skiing around 6, and then we ate dinner at Applebee’s with their family. I really enjoyed spending time with their family. Their dad reminded me so much of my dad. 

Amy and I in front of the most beautiful sunset!

The adorable Banas twins 🙂

Me, Amy, Julie, and Jenna about to go down our first run

Skiing was an absolute blast, and I hope to go back again soon this winter. My dad just told me the other day that he would like to taking me skiing at Boyne mountain in February. Of course, I would never turn down his offer. I have only skied a handful of times, but I really would like to do it more. It is great exercise and a ton of fun. So far I have not fallen, so I hope to continue this trend. 

Well, I need to finish up some last minute homework before bed. 

Enjoy the weekend!!!!