A Fun Fall Break!

Hello all 🙂 I was fortunate enough to go home to Iowa over fall break, which started last Friday and ended on Wednesday morning. My first activity at home was going to my sister Priscilla’s high school football game on Friday night. She had told me earlier that there is a superstar player on the […]

Mi Segunda Familia

I’d like to start with an apology for my infrequent posts.  I’ve  been awfully busy juggling school, travel, and experiencing the differences that life in Europe brings.  Not that that’s an excuse! Ideally this would have been my first post, but late is better than never, right? Normal.dotm 0 0 1 118 675 York Community […]

Visiting Michigan on break!

I cannot believe I will be back at Hope in less than a week. Time flies so quickly. On Thursday our family left to start our trip to Michigan to visit my dad’s side of the family. We first stopped by a suburb of Chicago to visit my mom’s aunts. We only planned on staying […]

Let the Christmas Countdown begin!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it? Christmas is in only 23 days! I honestly do not know where the time went this semester. I feel like it flew by twice as fast as last year. I really have enjoyed my classes this semester and feel rather sad they are coming to an end. However, […]


I absolutely love fall, it is by far the best season! This past weekend I was able to enjoy some wonderful fall weather with my family during break. Here is basically the break down of my wonderFALL break Friday: I drove to Wheaton and visited my friend from high school at Wheaton College. [Hope is […]