Big School vs. Little School

I know it’s beyond Wednesday, so this week is practically over. But, I just wanted to share with all of you my experiences from last weekend! So, Friday, October 18th, one of my best buddies and I left Holland, MI and road-tripped to Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan main campus. I’m […]

Casa and my cutie!

The week before Winter Break has arrived, and everyone is anxious to finish up work, take tests, and BOOK IT OUT OF HOLLAND. Only because we all really just need a break. 5 weeks of spring semester is like 10 weeks of fall semester. It’s lengthy. To stay sane with repetitous homework, I’ve found myself […]

Ready, Set, PACK!

Wow! Can you believe it almost time for school to start? Where did the summer go?  Well, I will be returning back home on Saturday for a week before I come back to Hope. During my week home I will be job shadowing, hanging out with friends, getting my wisdom teeth pulled, and packing! Quite […]


Wahoooo my first year at Hope College is officially complete!!!!!! I feel so incredibly blessed for opportunity to learn and grow at this place. The best part is I have 3 more years. My first year at Hope has been filled with great memories, professors, classes, friends, and fun. As I reflect on the entire […]

Longboards — my new obsession

Longboards are the new trend hitting Hope College. My personal new obsession… one day my roommate let me borrow her longboard, and I instantly fell in love. So many people use it as transportation on Hope’s campus. The other night a group of friends went out longboarding during the night, but now it is starting […]

Roomie’s Birthday!!!

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having wonderful weeks. It is almost the weekend. I only have one more class left before I leave to go skiing with my dad and sister. They are currently driving through Indiana on their way to Hope. I can’t wait to see them! Anyway, yesterday was my wonderful […]

Freshman Fifteen

Hey Everyone! Okay, so we have all heard about it… the freshman fifteen! A terrifying phrase commonly thrown around by many people. Well, one of my biggest fears about going to college was gaining the “freshman fifteen” that everyone raves about so frequently. I did not want to let this happen to me. So I […]