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Okay so the other day I was procrastinating and just reading random articles on New York Times because reading a normal book is too mainstream. (Sarcasm)

I came across this article “It Is Essential”; the piece was about study abroad, globalization and etc. It was all good until I came across this fact: “With only 10% of the students studying abroad at some point in their academic career, we have a long way to go.” WHAT? QUE? NE? WAT? QUOI? COSA? ZER? WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES? Except for the ones who will be like “NO SOCIETY, I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU SHAPE MY LIFE”, we will all probably looking for real jobs to pay off the student loans, then get the real jobs which will allow us to take only a couple of weeks off per year and will get married (or at least make attempts).

Ralph sure is going to be an outlier one day
Ralph sure is going to be an outlier one day

So when are we going to have time to actually travel? Um, not until the retirement and that’s probably going to happen when you are over 65, which also means you can’t do backpacking for the obvious reasons, so you are stuck on a tour bus with a lame/ boring tour guide.


So, back to studying abroad; I understand you all have reasons, some don’t want to leave their friends/ significant others, some don’t want to get out of their comfort zones, some are financially struggling and some have no reason to do it.

All understandable. Except, if you really want to do it, we can find you a way. It is a fact that most of the study abroad programs cost less than a semester at a liberal arts college. Also, it is known that most of the people who study abroad say that their relationships with the people back home got stronger. As it comes to reason; you don’t need one! One of my friends from Amsterdam said that she is studying abroad because she just wants to be able to say “I lived in Amsterdam for 4 months and did research”. Simple as it is.

I know you are all confused right now, considering most of you who are reading this are high schoolers. But trust me, you definitely want to look into the study abroad programs that the schools offer and consider it while you are trying to choose your college.

Hope? Oh we have excellent programs. Check ’em out here:

And for the facts about the US students see below:


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