What Donut Are You?

Hello guys,

As some of you may know we are on winter break and therefore you can imagine that the campus, once again, looks like an Edgar Allen Poe poem with all the gloom, dark and cold. Maybe a few great winter people would define this place as a marshmallowed town but in all reality, for the ones who grew up in the desert (sorry mom and dad, not literally, I know Turkey is not Sahara), it is a little unusually cold and therefore just dreadful.

Well, even in this cold and a campus full of nothing there is one event that I love participating in with my friends, besides having brunch: THE LEGENDARY DONUT RUN AT GOOD TIME DONUTS.

This is the background on my laptop right now. Yes I am very dedicated.

So as you are making decisions, for the ones who will get the Hope experience over night, I want to make sure that you get the full benefit from it, which includes choosing the right donut for you. Therefore I decided to create this very accurate (I’d give it a 75% accuracy) quiz for you.

Which Donut Are You?

1. Which one would you have as your pet?

a. A cat / a dog
b. Fish
c. A reptile
d. No thanks, I can barely take care of myself

2. Where would you want to live in?

a. Anywhere small town
b. Urban South
c. West Coast
d. East Coast, close to a legit coffee shop

3. What stresses you out the most?

a. Personal issues
b. Fighting
c. Being late
d. Not being able to explain yourself

4. How would your friends describe you?

a. Preppy and quirky
b. Confident and trendy
c. Sweet and laid back
d. Logical and funny

5. Pick a combination to wear.

a. Pastels
b. Grey-Black
c. Why pick one?
d. Dark colors combo

6. If you could dress from one brand for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

a. H&M
b. Banana Republic
c. American Outfitters
d. J. Crew

7. Pick a magazine to subscribe.

a. Vogue/ Esquire
b. Time
c. Nylon
d. The New Yorker

8. Which drink would you have with your donut?

a. Nonfat latte with any flavor
b. Black
c. Drip coffee with some twist or a kind of tea that I can’t pronounce
d. Extra hot, no foam skim latte or macchiato

9. Pick a TV show

a. Friends
b. House of Cards
c. Portlandia
d. The Newsroom

10. What other tabs are open right now?

a. Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Reddit
b. Email box, a newspaper’s website, Facebook
c. Netflix, Wikipedia, an artist’s/ author’s/ photographer’s event website
d. Email box, Buzzfeed, Netflix, New York Times

Done? Check out the results!

If you mostly got A’s…

Well, well, well… Well. I feel like I am directly talking at a Long John. You are not afraid of getting the maximum out of life, even if that may mean getting one disapproval or two. You are a classic, but you don’t consider yourself as one of them and when someone calls you on it, we don’t want to be around you as you can get a bit bold. You try to do everything right which a lot of people really admires. I can tell you were “someone” at high school. Tip: Your donut gets out fresh from the oven at 1 AM.

If you mostly got B’s…

Do you want to skip college and just lobby for someone at the Hill or work at McKinsey? Because these seems like legitimate options for you. If it were up to you, you would do anything to stop Clinton from getting rid off Glass-Steagall Legislation, which would take a lot of courage. It is okay though, because you are not afraid of making some bold statements; as long as history records it. You are a total glazed or sourdough glazed; you are not going to take any risks, but you are going to do it anyway, in your own way.

If you mostly got C’s…

Cinnamon roll! Hi! You are a little alternative compared to the rest of the donut family but you are always welcome. Some others do not have problem criticizing you but that is completely okay because you don’t seem to care for the right reasons. You get the importance of being authentic and unique and feel like there is a system that needs to be changed. You go friend, you will do wonders one day. Tip: Cinnamon rolls at Good Time Donuts get out of oven at midnight.

If you mostly got D’s…

You don’t want to be under the spotlight; you dodge it like you dodge a bullet. As other people say, even though you try to be insignificant there is always something that will grab the attention even though you consider yourself average, just like a chocolate glazed sprinkles donut. The rest of the community welcomes you like you are one of them but there are times that you are appointed as the leader, which can come off as annoying to some jealous people. But hey, if you are not getting 100% approval, that means you are standing for something. Go be a columnist or a CEO for an NGO or something.

Hope you found your match, see you in the next post!

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