God Bless Smartphones

There is an understanding that the internet is full of dangers and you need to stay away from it for various reasons. As a Hope College student, who lived and socialized in Holland, I can testify to that.

However, as a young professional (LOL, I hate that term) who is trying to survive and navigate through the big city of D.C., I’d say the internet is not a tool that will statistically kill you, but it is a necessity. So that, being said, I put together a list of apps that you might want to check out/definitely download.

1. Washington D.C. Mapway App

This is the metro app and it will do wonders when you are confused about where you need to transfer or get off. It is super-easy and you can use it when your phone is offline. If you have internet, you can also route your travel and see how long it might take. (link)

2. Uber

I promise you, you will be fine. This is the cheaper option to taking a cab unless it is 3 a.m. on a Saturday and you need to go from U-street to NoMa, then you’re better off with turning around a taxi. (link)

3. GrubHub

If you don’t have time or energy to go out or cook, this is your best bet. Depending on where you live, the app has some really good options, especially if you’re in the Adams Morgan or U-street area. However, don’t expect much if you’re in Virginia or Maryland as the suburbs don’t offer many delicious take out options other than average pizza. (link)

4. Tinder

Okay, before you lose it and say, “OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IS SHE SUGGESTING? I DON’T WANT TO GET KIDNAPPED,” let me reassure you that it is not what you expect. For all that I know, there are some people who download it to make friends or even just to find other people to go to Happy Hour with. When I asked around, a good majority of guys and girls just said that it is a lot easier and efficient to meet people this way. So it is not what it is for in Holland where people use it to “Netflix and chill.” Anywho, the app helped me understand how people dress and what they enjoy in this area. You’d be surprised how many high-up people (at DoD and such) put their frat-bro type pictures. It’s hilarious. (link)

5. Food Trucks

This app is a must to track the food trucks around the city and to see where they gather. Some trucks are not on here and in that case you can just follow them on twitter to see what their schedules look like.

6. Washington Post

Again, another essential. You should also make sure that the app is allowed to send notifications because to be honest there is no way you’ll go through the headlines during work time, so if anything, this way you can instantly be informed if something breaking happens which is pretty often especially with the election season going on. (link)

7. OPM

If it’s winter, you might want to check this app, especially when it rains and snows. (link)

8. OpenTable

Because every 20-something goes out here… even just to network. (link)

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