Fall Closet at Hope College

Hey ya’ll,

Sooooooooo summer is over.
I’m not even going to complain; I just hope Polar Vortex does not throw another temper tantrum. But as we all now, this is Michigan, so we are kind of going to skip fall and go straight into winter with or without Polar Vortex, which is still pretty bad anyway.

So, ladies, time to put away all those lovely sundresses.

The good news is now that it’s going to be colder; we don’t have to worry fashion as much! Afterall, dark-washed jeans and a pair of cute boots can make anything can look good. However, it can still be challenging to decide what to invest in for this winter. Here is my list of essentials:

  1. Large, knitted cardigan. This cardigan will give you the effortless boho look and will let you get away with wearing anything underneath. As long as you combine it with a messy bun and perfectly done eye make up, you are good. My go-to place for this item would be Goodwill.
  2. Perfect white V-neck t-shirt (no print). “Blue jeans, white shirt / Walked into the room and you know you made my eyes burn” This t- shirt should make you sing Lana Del Rey’s song ‘Blue Jeans’. It should fit you perfectly and you should guard it with your life because it is really not easy to find a perfectly tailored, no print V-neck t-shirt. In fact, if you find it get me one too. I’m a Medium.
  3. Uggs. I’m sure Anna Wintour (American Vogue’s Chief of Editor) would throw a fit if she saw this (or my mom). I understand they look like bear claws but honestly, friend, these will be your best friend this winter and at the end, you will indeed shamelessly combine these with your Pink brand sweatpants during the finals week in December.
  4. Sweatpants. Get them. It’s okay if you are subscribing Vogue or declared Vera Wang’s Summer 2014 bridal collection as a new religion; just get these. Trust me, I’ve seen Alexa Chung wear them and there is not shame walking around in these in public. Just make sure they are velvety and soft and don’t actually make you look like you just got out of the Dow.
  5. Leggings/ Yoga pants (in different prints). Yes, I know they are not real pants. Yes I know people will judge you. Yes to all of that. But if it’s any consolation, last semester the week before my thesis was due I only wore my Star Wars leggings and am planning on doing the same for my 8 AM Calculus class on Tuesdays. As long as I am wearing a large sweatshirt with it that is covering my back, I really don’t care.
  6. Boyfriend jeans. Even if you have a boyfriend I would highly recommend you to buy your own pair. In reality, real boyfriend jeans don’t look as good as the ones that are tailored for female body. These will allow you to look like you are still following the fashion trends (yes- bf jeans are still in fashion and always will be) without making you sacrifice your comfort.
  7. Hope College sweatshirt. In doubt? Laundry crisis? This is going to be your life- saver. Get your own here.
  8. Leather jacket/trench coat. Okay well I know these don’t keep you super warm but if it is mildly cold out these would be good alternatives to jean jacket.
  9. Pantyhose. This will actually make it okay for you to wear that spring-y dress you bought from Urban Outfitters. If it’s a dark color dress with the right pantyhose you can still wear it to a date/ hang out or a nice dinner.
  10. Boots (Brown). These will go with anything! I don’t own a pair because I was smart enough to think black ones would work better. Not true. Go with the brown ones and trust me, brown always go better with washed dark worn jeans (personal favorite).
  11. Crew/V-neck sweater (neutral color). White t-shirt alternative on days you don’t want to wear a cardigan. If it’s a little large you can even wear it with a cute scarf and pair it with leggings.

Bonus: Statement sweatshirt. If it says something like “Ain’t no wifey” or “Whatcha lookin’ at?” no one is going to mess with you, so it doesn’t even matter what you wear because no one would want to confront a sass queen. I would know.

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