A Bedtime Story for Girls

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in a far, far away kingdom. Her name was Ida and she was an only child to a gorgeous king and a powerful queen. If anything else, she was celebrated by the public which had 100% literacy rate thanks to the queen’s efforts of establishing an egalitarian state and king’s excellence in strategic planning. Ida was as elegant as a swan, as wild as a cheetah and as smart as a human. As the future queen, she was fully aware of her privileges, yet was down to earth and for that reason people of the far far away kingdom were confident that they had a bright future as a nation. Her beauty was known in the other kingdoms and other queens were absolutely terrified of her, as if she was out to steal their precious sons.

One day, she decided to leave her crown temporarily to find the most magnificent library in the known lands. Festivities for her goodbye party went on for 40 days and 40 nights; only the best food in the kingdom was offered and only the best jugglers were out to entertain. The king and queen were in despair as their one and only daughter’s departure date was coming closer but they absolutely gave her the best support. Her mother had the finest tailors to sew her the shiniest armor from silver yarn and got her the most incredible maps, while her dad had the bravest knights to train her on self- defense. Even though the clouds of sadness were approaching to the kingdom, everyone was excited to see what Ida had to bring back from her journey.

The time has passed like water in the river and the residents of the far far away kingdom lined up in front of the beautiful chateau, to wish her luck along with offering their presents like the most delicious burritos and most practical pocketknives. The king and queen were smiling as Ida accepted the presents in the glorious salon, right on the stairs in front of the thrones. 4 minutes before princess hopped on her jet-black horse, on the 40th night of the celebrations, 4 fairies came through the magnificent doors, beating the frustrated crowd. The chubbiest of the four rushed in crying “Princess Ida! Princess Ida! We want to come along with you!” Ida was surprised, “But why the chubbiest fairy of all? I have to explore my own!” Chubbiest fairy replied, “Must you leave without anyone by your side? What happens if you get lost?” The great queen replied before Ida, “No, no my dear fairy. Let her be! We must see if she can ride the darkest horse to into the darkness, yet still find the light!” The chubbiest fairy bowed as she sighed. The other three jumped in to offer the princess their gifts. The oldest of all: “Dear princess. Please accept these wishes as goodbye gifts from your humble, protective fairies.” said in a cracking voice and continued “I wish you a mind full of wit. May you never lose your sense of humor and sass!” as she moved her wand gently. The coquette one came forward as Ida was phased a little by her make up, “Princess Ida, may you never forget that you are a princess and have eternal woo. I wish you the most glamorous beauty in your shiny armor.” When they turned to the smartest of all, she cleared her throat and continued “My princess,” she said as she held Ida’s hand “I wish you liberty despite anything and anyone. May you never, ever lose your freedom.” Ida thanked all, as she settled her armor on her shoulders. Soon enough, she was on her way to discover the answers to the biggest questions.

Princess Ida followed the night everywhere and rode her horse at a gallop into the darkness for days, until dawn lights stroked her hair. Once the lights of the universe were back on, she gasped in marvel “Pegasus! Pegasus! Look around all the stars that formed on this very planet!” as she was staring at the largest library in the world. To her, books were just as impeccable as stars. However, there was a guard with 4 heads standing in front of the door, he roared “Who is that is trying to break into the wisdom of the world?” Princess replied in excitement “It is Ida, the princess of the far far away land! I demand to read the best books, of the best people!” The Giant laughed, “My oh my, no princess wears an armor. Come back with the prettiest of all dresses, then we shall see”. Ida pulled a dress out the next morning, which her dad has put in her bag. Ida did her hair meticulously, before she left to see the Giant, forgetting she was the prettiest in that armor anyway. Upon her arrival at the door, the Giant shook his head in disapproval as he chuckled and the princess raised her voice impatiently “What is it Giant? Does it bother you that I can get through these doors to unlock the secrets of the universe, but all you can do is just guard it? You know, you have four heads, but only less than one brain.” The Giant was furious “I despise you, little girl. You do not even have a prince with you to make you a queen! Leave now and do not come back until you can speak as soft as a feather!” The princess went back to her silk tent to sleep in anguish; her tears rolled on her armor as she was resting in her dress. Next day, Ida went to see the Giant again, only this time with cookies and sweet words: “Oh you great Giant, what a great mind you have! Oh you great Giant, what a handsome man you are! Please, let me treat you with these cookies as you treat me with letting me into the land of answers to the great questions!” The Giant smirked “Ida, kindest, prettiest of all, I shall not let you in unless I can come with you. I have to be one with you through an unbreakable bond!” The princess thought that this was the easiest task of all! She nodded and said “Dearest Giant! Please come in with me, I agree to be bonded with you until the rest of time!” Giant put down the ax and asked gently “Do you promise to keep me company with an unbreakable bond?” Ida screamed “YES!” at the top of her lungs, as if it was a victory.

Over the years, Ida could only stay in the library to dust and clean, as Giant was busy watching the Yankees game. She spent years serving Giant pleasure and peace as she consumed herself in melancholy. The princess forgot who she was and only rolled in mourn that was for her memories of happy days. One day, she found a book that opened a secret gate to downstairs. Ida, all shaky and afraid, followed the stairs to the unknown, only to find billions of mirrors directed at her. She stared at her dress, at her hair and her wrinkles around her eyes; her beauty was gone with her wit and courage. Ida rushed upstairs in rage to break the magical box where the Giant was watching Yankees lose, and to fight him for personal liberty. Before he knew what happened, TV was broken, as was the bond. The Giant tried to hold on to Ida, but the princess was already on her jet- black horse which was made to look like a pony, by Giant’s request.

Ida left the land in her partially ripped dress, so she tried to put back her armor on, on her way back to the far far away land. When she made it back to the chateau, everyone celebrated her return in joy. She never told anyone about the Giant. The princess Ida lived happily ever after and went to Lollapalooza; hung out with a bunch of cool people; traveled to the unknown lands with friends; fell in love on the way with a guy who never asked her to make a sandwich or put on a dress; kept her chateau with all her books in there; got married eventually with the guy who offered to make dinner together and bought her Jane Austen books.

The end.

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