5 Ways Hope College is just like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls


Hey ya’ll,

So after Netflix started airing every season of Gilmore Girls that exists, my social life kind of took a hit and my academics started to suffer; I may or may not have written Emily Gilmore instead of Simone de Beauvoir in my essays. Just saying, it actually is really hard to see the difference between those two since they are both grumpy cats and do have that gloomy but kind of nonchalantly sarcastic shade on their faces.

Boy, I probably should stop reading Beauvoir and watching Gilmore Girls.

Anywho, after 3 seasons and endless amount of pizza and cookies (maybe a touch of coffee, because, Lorelai) I noticed something:

Stars Hollow is actually Holland in so many ways.

And here is 5 of them:

1. We have a diner that kind of hosts the whole town on Sundays.

What is Luke’s to Stars Hollow is what the Windmill is to Holland. We all have our regular orders and sometimes in stead of cooking we, as students, just go there because a supreme omelette costs around $7 and with the size that is probably 2 meals for an average college student. Oh, also they have the best coffee in town.

2. Everyone knows everyone

Literally not even a minute passes without you running into someone. It is also very possible to see someone you know on the newspaper. Families are “tight” with other families because they just hang out together occasionally.

3. Lots of fanciness for a small town

Holland is a very well off town and there are many Richard and Emily Gilmore families around. Just like how their grandkids or kids went to Chilton, “Gilmore family” of this town sends their kids to Hope College or Holland Christian for high school. In our sweatpants and misery we don’t show, but besides the student life, we have a pretty fancy town.

4. Pop culture references occasionally happen

Maybe it’s in the water or something but Hope College kids are really witty. I can barely go through a conversation without someone quoting a book or a movie or just giving quick answers. It is like a constant conversation between Loralei and Rory, with a touch of Lane’s mom Mrs. Kim, because, Hope College.

5. Sometimes we are giant babies

Holland youth can build their diets on Kilwins or LJ’s coffee without any guilt. We also randomly wear party hats in out apartments because we just feel like it. Putting sprinkles on everything makes it that much more festive and that’s how we like it. Aside the little romance drama and high levels of intellectuality, we are just giant babies without any resentment.

Hope you come and join us…

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