“Intern of the Free World”

*A bunch of kids waving in amazement and a grown human (the teacher) enthusiastically squeaking from excitement*

“Look kids! It’s the leader of the free world and his security escort, let’s wave at them!”

If it was two weeks ago, I would probably join them with wrapping myself in the American flag and possibly kind of pass out from excitement.

But last night, I had been walking for two miles to get my groceries, because I got off the wrong metro stop as a result of getting distracted by my playlist. At that point, I was also not sure if my eyes were tearing up from the cold, or from the fact that I had work next morning and bizillion paper deadlines on top of that. Also, after realizing that I am only another donut away from not fitting in my tag-still-on-kinda-new size two dress, I have decided on going on a no-sweets cleanse. It has been only 36 hours and you better believe it is already kicking my butt.

So, if I were to actually see POTUS, I would probably just say, “hi Mr. Prez, do you wanna give your unpaid intern a hand with the bags? No? You gotta go save the country? Oh okay. That’s understandable, I guess.”

Then I’d probably try (Secret Service) to give him a hug because, you know, he’s pretty great.

Right now I’m trying to get back into work even though it is lunch hour. In all honesty, I think this is what happens once you start feeling comfortable with something/some place/ someone. You see the good, bad, and ugly; somehow none of it stops you from loving them. The nagging voice in the back of your head that says “the worst is yet to come,” starts to disappear because you saw the lowest and highest. It repels and attracts you at the same time; making you come back for more. This is my relationship with DC right now; even at the points where I’m stuck on the train for 20 minutes during my morning commute, because of the construction that’s been going on, I still feel like I am lucky to be in that I-have-a-meeting-to-get-do-dangit grumpy mood.

It’s like fighting with your much desired significant other; yes, it is unpleasant that you are arguing, but just the fact that the person chose you out of all the options to have heated discussions with should make you feel lucky.

So, just like that, in between not feeling my face because of the cold and my missed metro stops, I feel lucky that DC is home for now.

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