“…If This Happened in Michigan, We’d Still Go to Lab”

We did it.

We survived Jonas 2016, the snowstorm that shut down the government and had Obama’s motorcade slip and hit the curb.

God knows mother nature is more powerful than the Russian government, and we’re still ignoring her like she’s a whiny cat in a corner.


So I went to the Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom on Thursday night after work and our weekly meeting at Crystal City; everything was gone. I kid you not the place looked like the lights were about to start flickering and that I was about to run into a frantic dad who is there to get his zombie-bit kid some medication. It was insanity. I was on the phone with my best friend, who’s back in Michigan, and we were laughing on the phone how Washingtonians are pansies. Seriously, if that happened at Hope I’d probably get an email from Dr. Dandavati to suck it up and show up to class fully prepared for the quiz.

Hope clearly doesn’t only prepare you for life, but it also toughens you up for extreme weather conditions, kids. Show me another school that can do that. Except for schools in Alaska, that one also gets you immune-d for an interesting governor. Seriously though, have you seen the SNL clip? It’s hilarious, watch here.

Next morning, which we have the day off for the policy interviews anyway, the government shutdown and the appointments got cancelled. My parents, who are very freaked out by all the media comments, called me to ask if I have enough food. I laughed and said, “yes, dad, I just dropped $40 on survival food if that’s what you are wondering.” In that panic moment, where all the pasta and toilet paper is gone (even though bodily functions remain their speed through the storm), the default feature in your body kicks in. Your eye only catches on the stuff that you know your body won’r function without. Guess what my eyes caught…

Bags of popcorn, two pounds of cookies, pistachio gelato, apples, bottled water, beverage of some kind, more boxed cookies, chocolate cake stuff, chocolate frosting, cereal, almond milk, more cereal, and of course, pie.

I should not be on anyone’s apocalypse roster.

That being said, learning from my mistakes, I made legitimate list that you can use in case you find yourself in my shoes, aka, trapped in the apartment for more than 48 hours straight.

  1. Cereal: Make sure it is not one of those super sugary ones.
  2. Bananas and apples: good snacks and won’t go bad even if the power goes out
  3. Nuts: again, good snack material
  4. Coffee: If the power doesn’t go out, you will need this, babe. The worst thing that can happen is experiencing withdrawal when you are trapped between four walls.
  5. Canned food, like soup: Especially lentil will help you with protein.

Not much of a help? Go on here:

Looking a lot like your college diet ?

Well, I don’t know what to tell you… College is kind of about survival, too.

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