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Windmill Restaurant in downtown Holland

Hey yo,

So one of the things you will do during your time at college is browsing on Buzzfeed like you don’t have a 5-page long political analysis paper due tomorrow morning or have a killer biology exam in two days, which will probably drastically change your entire college GPA.

Just kidding. That only happens with Calculus 2 or Organic Chemistry tests.

That website is going to be the partial reason of your weight gain, bad diet habits, procrastination and laziness; especially the quizzes. Not that you can’t live without knowing which Southern city you belong in, but they’re just fun to take and sometimes your only hope in deciding where you want to live when you graduate. (I got Portland, Oregon, of course) Even right now I have 3 tabs open, one of them being “Can we guess your relationship status?” I know, I’m addicted.

But anyway, after taking a gazillion quizzes on there I have decided to create my own quiz: “What should you order at Windmill?”

For the ones who don’t know, The Windmill is a cute diner/restaurant place on 8th Street. It is famous for its omelets but as someone who spends a lot of time and Sunday mornings there, I can easily say that each dish that comes out of their kitchen is a sign from God that He loves and cares about us as Hope College students.

Hashbrown omelette and toast. My kind of “power couple”

So, here is the quiz:

1- What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?
a- Late Night Snack
b- Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz
c- Peanut Butter Fudge- Core
d- I only eat Gelato
e- Vanilla- Strawberry Cheesecake if I’m feeling adventurous

2- Where can we find you on a Saturday night?
a- Out with friends, being young and wild
b- In my room probably studying my brains out
c- Having a pizza party with my best friend while watching Netflix and debating whether you should wait 5 or 10 minutes after your crush texted you
d- Probably just hanging out at a café or at a really chill concert.
e- Online shopping with my roommate

3- Which animal would you want to have as a pet?
a- Horse
b- Fish
c- Dog
d- Hamster
e- Cat

4- What would you want to watch on TV right now?
a- Breaking Bad or House
b- News, preferably CNN or Mad Men
c- 30 Rocks or Parks and Rec
d- Portlandia or Orange is the New Black
e- Any reality show, game show or Grey’s Anatomy

5- Which book is the bane of your existence?
a- Twilight
b- Twilight
c- Twilight
d- Twilight
e- The Metamorphosis

6- If you had to listen to only one band/ artist for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
a- Black Keys /Lana Del Rey
b- Eagles/ Eric Clapton
c- Arctic Monkeys/ Moby
d- We Were Evergreen/ Oh Land
e- Maroon 5/ Sia

7- In what theme would you decorate your house?
a- Rustic
b- Minimalist
c- Is Ikea a theme?
d- Vintage
e- Cozy

8- Who is your favorite actor to watch?
a- Johnny Depp
b- Dustin Hoffman
c- Tom Hanks
d- Robert De Niro
e- Brad Pitt

9- Who do you identify with the most?
a- JD from Scrubs
b- Frank Underwood from House of Cards
c- Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
d- Jim from the Office
e- Carrie from Sex and the City

10- What is your biggest flaw?
a- I take too many risks
b- What flaw?
c- I’m too intense
d- I’m too indecisive
e- I’m too nice, sometimes

Mostly A’s: You should get Bird’s Nest with Cinnamon Roll on the side.

Standards bore you and you are always looking for adventure, even if it comes in a plate with toast on side. You are very independent and but you also enjoy company. It is very likely to find you on top of Nykerk or driving down to Chicago in the middle of the night, just because. James Dean would be your mentor if he were alive. Being the free-spirited person as you are, you should get Bird’s Nest, which doesn’t sound like breakfast food at all but actually is basically Coachella to your taste buds.

Mostly B’s: You should get Holland Omelette.

Dude, Don Draper has nothing on you. You are very professional and serious which makes people trust you with your judgment and have deep respect for you. Especially with important decisions, you are their go-to person. Your life is very balanced and so is your diet. For this tiring tempo, you should get Holland Omelette, which is what you need to keep your tank full. All that protein and carb will help you get through the day.

Mostly C’s: You should get Hashbrown Omelette with cinnamon & sugar toast on the side

You are not only riding the struggle bus, but you are driving it. You have a lot of things on your plate (literally too) and there are times where you feel like you don’t know what’s happening. You want to be the boss but you don’t like being the responsible person. That is why you actually would want that gigantic cinnamon roll for side but end up getting the toast with cinnamon and sugar topping because, less calories. Although you know you’d have no regrets after cinnamon roll, you still want to look good for your impossible crush so you are avoiding all the extra calories. But because you know it would be a sin to not get hashbrown omelette at Windmill, you’re not cutting back on that side. In an ideal life Liz Lemon would be your best friend because you guys are literally the same person.

Mostly D’s: You should get French toast with fruit on side

You are one of the cool kids; bands with ridiculous names like “Two Door Cinema Club” or “Bombay Bicycle Club” invade your Spotify playlist. On the days you don’t go to LJ’s, you find yourself here at Windmill ordering your French Toast because omelet is too mainstream and French Toast does look better in an Instagram picture. You casually daydream of dating Jake Bugg or Julia Stone. Your usual outfit involves Toms and a statement t-shirt with Helvetica font. Because you are not in a hurry to beat the “Church Crowd”, you just show up at the place around 1PM’ish, looking all gorgeous after spending 2 hours to look effortless. Also because you go to Windmill with friends, you always get the booth and take artsy Snapchat pictures.

Mostly E’s: You should get blueberry pancakes

You are a Hope College classic; therefore you keep your breakfast just as simple and basic. Why to complicate things when you can just get blueberry pancakes, right? Also you usually come in with the “Church Crowd” anyway so you are not that hungry since you already had breakfast before Sunday service. You always pin interesting recipes on your Pinterest board, but never actually make an attempt to make them. You can’t sympathize with people who are having bad hair days because you’ve never had one. Your mascara or facial hair looks amazing all the time and you always get excellent grades. I guess that’s how Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn would be like in college. I think you should know that we are all secretly jealous of you.

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