5 advantages of going to school in a small town

Hello lovely readers,

College- town people understand the signs and are usually there to help you

If you are reading this post to procrastinate and distract yourself from the reality of finals week, please walk away from your laptop right now; you’ll thank me later.

However, if you are reading it during your study break, first of all let me tell you that I am honored that you chose my ridiculously (often) satirist writing over other time-consuming blog-style websites like Thought Catalog, Buzzfeed, and even Reddit; you guys are the reason that, one day, I will work for Bon Appetit or Vogue and then will realize that I need better off publishing my own book that will resemble a good mix of Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls and Bossypants. Second of all, you will not regret reading this because I am about to tell you why it is so fantastic to go to a school in a small town. I could come up with only 5 for now because I’ve been up for a long time and my caffeine buzz is about to wear off. Normally it would last for a good 4 hours, but man, I really think my body consumes the caffeine faster as I am trying to figure out Critical Numbers of an absurdly difficult function. I hate math… and econ.

Anyway, off topic (I blame the caffeine buzz)… So sad days; afterall I’m not going home this winter which is not all that bad because I am going to New York to look at a few Grad schools. Well, I mean if you consider occupying Woolworth Building on NYU’s campus where M.S. for Global Affairs Program is held, then yes I will be “looking”.

So while I’m there, I’m just casually going to meet a few important people and make (probably failing attempts) to woo them. Being the person that I am, I’ve decided to do a little research on New York, latest trends, restaurants, events, where literary celebrities (like Amy Waldman) hang out and which exhibitions to avoid because they are way too cult (sophisticated) for me to understand, which turned out to be 80% of them. Even though I did not reach to any conclusions yet, I realized a few things about urban settings which is surprising because technically I am from a very large city’s hip downtown area, like East Village in NY (research is paying off). Comparing the two cultures, one I am a part of and one I was a part of, I managed to draw some conclusions about the advantages of going to college in a relatively small town and here are the top 5 ones:

1. It’s cheaper

So as I was scrolling down through the “top 50 cheap eats in NY”, all I could think about was my soon- to- be empty bank account. Even cheapest and relatively healthy stuff is basically going- on- a- date price range on Holland’s scale. You can go out to a super nice dinner, where you would be surrounded by all these fancy families who have winter home’s in Loop, Chicago and pay around 20$ per person. In NY, that’d literally be a casual breakfast at a random coffee shop… which isn’t cool anyway because who would get full with a latte and a muffin? What do you think I am, a bird??

2. Less distraction

I really think I have urban ADD; when I’m in cities, I cannot focus; especially if my schedule allows me to be outside. However, in a relatively isolated city like Holland I can just focus, yet still find events to go to or activities to participate in.

3. Familiar Faces

I love it when I actually know who is that person I see more often than any of my profs. When I go to Lemonjello’s to get my daily/weekly fix for caffeine, I really appreciate it when (usually Mike) asks how my calc class went or when Emma and I have a really quick chitchat. Big cities are usually all about rushing things (which is something I miss a lot) and there is no time for small talk.

4. Being close to everything

Even though the reality of public transportation is pretty great and relieving, being 5-minute walk away from your farthest class is really nice. Especially someone who never wakes up on time for anything, this part is really important to me.

5. Safety

You can see people walking around in their pjs at 2 AM and no be afraid for their lives. Small campuses are always safer, even after dark; whereas large city campuses carry the risk of being exposed to the outside world therefore are more dangerous. Even though you may think that you will be safe no matter what, it is still crucial to be cautious. Not to mention if you got a flat tire in the middle of the road, people would totally help you because community and helping the community is very important to a lot of people here.

Stay kewl.

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