Living on a Prayer

You might be a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, or Hindu… Whatever you are, when you are desperate enough, you turn to one God (god?) to find hope; to ask for forgiveness and even for a sign that will keep you going. Sometimes you get an answer and sometimes you feel like your whispers have been lost in the void.

It is unpredictable and there is no way of knowing whether your prayers will be answered at the end. There is no way of knowing if everything will turn out okay.

So we just hope. And pray. There is something soothing about asking something from someone that you don’t know if it exists.

I am very familiar with that.

So, knowing that tomorrow is Sunday, I put together a prayer for my fellow Seniors.

Hope this makes the service you’re attending better.

The College Senior Prayer

Father, let us pray.
Give us hope, strength to follow you, health, and a job with an actual salary. Bless us with joy, good food, and transportation benefits. To our families, give the strength of a rock and patience of a monk as we go through these hard times of looking for entry-level jobs, Father. May our good friends be our guidance and keep us from making bad decisions like investing in terrible food. I ask for your forgiveness for my sins and my federal loans. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

These are desperate times, my friends. These are the times that it gets more difficult to keep our heads over the sea level. Keep trying and have some faith. For those who took a huge step and swore not to move in with their parents, good for you. I’m right there with you.

Now, order a pizza and put up on your favorite TV show. Enjoy your time at Hope, because God knows you’ll miss it.

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Senior at Hope. International Studies major, Political Science minor. The Anchor, World News Co-editor. Blogger for the Odyssey and Thought Catalog. Feeds on news, politics and donuts.

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