Bus and Subway Businessmen

When you travel in Santiago via public transportation you have a lot of other company other than passengers. You get to meet a lot of performers, whom I will talk next post and a lot of businessmen or salesmen. The salesmen sell literally a whole range of products. There are two types of them. The […]

A “Normal” Chicago Weekend

As I pass the midway point of my semester here in Chicago (still in shock that it’s over halfway done!) my roommate and I have sort of realized it’s been a while since we had a “normal” weekend. What I mean by that is basically that the last 4-5 weekends I’ve either gone out of […]

I’m 21 and I Still Want My Mom

It’s been a week since I’ve last posted a blog entry, but when I think back to how I spent the past seven days, I truly have nothing noteworthy to say for myself. You’re probably thinking, “how is that possible?! You’re so fun and interesting!” Why, thank you, my hypothetical reader, and while that may […]

The Truly “Magnificent” Mile Internship

As a Magnificent Mile intern I get access to some pretty cool opportunities. We have monthly membership events at various members venues, for instance, last month we had a membership event at Lou Malnati’s where we were able to network with prominent Michigan Avenue business while eating pizza and tiramisu. Not a bad deal! Another […]

What It’s Like to Work From Home

Working from home. The dream, right? No commute. No long drives to the office. No early-morning wake-up calls. No cubicle, no boss hovering over your shoulder, but definitely a cup of coffee in hand, sweatpants, no shoes, curled up in a blanket. Or, short of that, holed up in the corner of a cute little […]

All About That Brotherly Love

As much as I love my dear Chicago, I said goodbye this weekend and headed out to check out the hype behind all that brotherly love, aka, Philadelphia. My roommate for the past three years is doing a similar program to The Chicago Semester but based out of Philly, called The Philadelphia Center. So, this […]

Getting My ‘Tourist’ On

Working 9-5 almost every day definitely has made me appreciate weekends even more and especially being in the city there’s a lot of pressure to be out and doing fun things all the time. So this past weekend my roommate, Dori, and I decided we were going to make the most of our Saturday and […]

Exploring Chicago, Week One

PREVIOUSLY ON #CHICAGOKATHRYN… So, here’s a quick recap of my weird, exciting life that I love. I’m spending this semester living in Chicago and working as the worship arts intern at Community Christian Church Lincoln Park/Old Town. I’m taking a couple classes while I’m here through Chicago Semester and learning a whole bunch of stuff […]