Time to Serve

Today marks just over a month that I have lived in this beautiful place called Hope College. Reflecting, I amazed by all that has happened in such a short amount of time. One of the many wonderful happenings was on my second Saturday here – Time to Serve. During Orientation weekend our small group leaders passed around a […]

Another Night in the Woods.

Hello All! Last blog post, I realized I jumped right into writing and didn’t even introduce myself. So…rewind…here we go: Hello, my name is John Luke Hawkins and I am a sophomore at Hope, but a first time blogger. Something unique about my name: It is John Luke: Two names. No hyphen. Just a space. […]

It’s a Blast to be in a Cast

Alright, it’s been a couple weeks since my post about May Term, and enough is enough. I can’t say that everything about May term was absolutely fantastic. Or maybe I can. But I really can’t. But I kind of can. Here, let me explain… Two weeks into May Term, I went for a walk with […]

It’s Partway into June… way too soon!

Yikes! Am I far behind or what? I’ve been meaning to update you on my summer thus far, and after review I realized that I have plenty of drafts and nothing published. I apologize for that. However, I was up to some pretty awesome shenanigans in May. I stayed on Hope’s campus to complete my […]

Lots of “Lasts”

Well, this past month has been packed with so many fun events so I thought I would just show some of the highlights with pictures. Second semester senior year is filled with a lot of “lasts.” Last Spring fling, Chapel, Gathering, Classes, etc…. Even though it is sad to think that we will all be leaving […]

Senior Wisdom and Insight

Wow one week from today I will be graduating from Hope College! I’m currently writing this post from JP’s Coffee downtown and thinking back on all of the memories I have had here. Hope College has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have met some incredible people and lifelong friends. I […]

Michigan Weather Strikes Again

For those of you not from Michigan, you’re in for a real surprise when you arrive at Hope. So here’s the deal, the weather here… it’s a little crazy! I’ve heard it said that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait for tomorrow.” But this year, that hasn’t been true. 2014 has been one […]