A Chance Encounter on a Hope College Sidewalk.

There are a lot of reasons I love Hope College. Two of my favorite reasons: (1) the people of Hope, and (2) the way God moves through them. Let me give you a little taste of why in this throwback story to just before the semester break… It’s Friday, the week before Finals, and I […]

You Were Made For This

I chose to come to Hope for a lot of reasons. One being soccer (how can you say no to Van Andel Soccer Stadium?). Another being the fact that Hope is the only Christian school I visited that didn’t require Chapel attendance. However, at those Chapel services, kids fill the building every time. Kids actually […]

A Visit from Lauren Taylor: Becoming a Community Centered in Christ

This past Thursday night, my sorority had the opportunity to spend an hour discussing being a Christ-filled community with our new Hope College chaplain, Lauren Taylor. Lauren comes from Wheaton, Illinois, where she attended college and then took to Princeton, New Jersey, for seminary school. She has a lot of stories to tell and words […]

The Things that #PrayforParis Taught Me

The first place I saw it was in a post on Facebook: “The attacks are close to me. But I’m okay.” The person, a friend from high school, was marked “safe” in the attacks, the post said. And I began to scroll through my Facebook feed I began to see more news articles appear and […]

How I Learned About What Happened in Paris

I heard throughout the day on Friday that something happened in Paris. I kept seeing the word “Paris” in group messages and hearing it in conversations as I passed tables in Phelps. I figured something bad had happened. Honestly, I didn’t know if I wanted to hear about it. I was in a friend’s room […]

The Seasons Change As We Do

We found two sunny, 70° weather days in the beginning of November, but it’s back to 50 with clouds today. And that’s alright with me. Among the (non-snow) flurry of changing leaves, fall boots and flannels, I think that we sometimes forget one important thing: not only are the seasons changing, but we are as […]

Still Not Over It.

Readers, There is something that I can’t stop thinking about. Lately, I’ve been hooked on journaling and reflecting and usually that takes the form of me writing letters to God. It’s so eye-opening, sometimes I have to write Him a letter three times a day. It’s just about the things that are going on in […]