Unofficial Guide to Being a Hope College Student – Learning the Terms

Hello all,

So before the school started, I gave a tour to this family and student from Turkey. The family is really chill and the kid is actually cool. He’s been to all over the States and Europe; hence, obviously cultured; naturally intellectual.

However, despite his knowledge in many challenging subjects that require sensitive analysis skills, he was completely unaware of Hope College popular culture stuff.

Shocking right?
Not really.

Every year, Hope College welcomes 800 freshmen on average, and around 300 of them are either from the area or have an alum in the family. For those people (yes Holland kids, I am talking about you) terms like Donut Run, Nykerk, and Cents are not foreign at all. However for the outsiders it might get a little confusing. So now, I will break down the Hope College culture for you with the terms that are used.

Awkward Family Portrait by/on the Anchor. A must.
Awkward Family Portrait by/on the Anchor. A must.

1 – Donut Run

This one is the most important of all activities. In my opinion, Registrar’s Office should make this a graduation requirement – so yes, it is really that important.

The activity involves going to Good Time Donuts with your friends, preferably sometime between 11 PM – 4 AM. I don’t know if you’ve seen the place before, it is really close to DeVos Fieldhouse and doesn’t look like the nicest place in the world.

However at that hour, the chances that you will be craving slightly burned French crème brulee are very slim so I suggest you give it a try and thank yourself later.

My personal favorite is maple-glazed cinnamon roll which gets out around 12:56-58’ish. Also if you are treating yourself you should pick up a blueberry cheese muffin for breakfast the next day because it is absolutely to die for. I would know all of this because I am a regular

2 – Spacejam, Knickerbocker, Sandbox, Palace etc.
Houses where people hang out. Usually you can find really large groups of people at those places and hanging out at one of these houses is a really easy way to socialize, if you are bored out of your mind. Going to those places is not my personal favorite but then again I am not a very social person. My Saturday night revolve around hanging out with my best friend, eating Chinese and watching the new episode of New Girl or if I need some extra detoxication maybe watching one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe.

Let’s not judge, okay? We all know that show is the ultimate reason why so many freshmen go in to college as pre-meds.

3 – Cents and Knicks
Short for Centurians and Knickerbockers. Both are fraternities and both are my personal favorites because they are super chill. I know last year’s president for Knicks and the guy is one of the least bro-y people I know. If you are looking into Greek Life, I would highly recommend these two.

Okay I think that’s sufficient for now – more to come kids, stay tuned.

Haaaave a fantastic day!


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