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Hello fellas,

So we, as Hope College students, just left the Fall Break behind. As I mentioned before, I’m terribly homesick and therefore cannot really focus on the stuff I am supposed to be focusing on; unfortunately that involves classes. This break, I meant to complete my Middle East Politics portfolio, study for Economics and write my essay for Calculus. Yes, I need to write a paper on a class is is entirely based on numerics

Spent hours in this position…

.Hence, I am constantly torn between clinomania and polyphagia.

My biggest goal was to get a jump start on my research that I will be conducting next semester as an independent study. Of course after countless hours of procrastination, I just ended up with taking notes on Ben Ali and psychotic features of an average dictator, looking into Arab Spring’s Egypt branch and even reading dozens of news articles on democratization of Middle East. S/O to BBC, I would not get anything done without your wisdom and generosity for world news.

So with a great appetite for learning, researching and salted caramel gelato, I found myself at Van Wylen library at 2 PM on a Friday, technically right around when my Fall Break has started. Now, before you jump to conclusions, let me make it clear that I do have a legitimate social life and friends; I, sometimes, happen to choose silence of books over “OH MY GOD IT’S FRIDAY, LET’S TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!” craziness and loud Spotify House Mix songs that my housemates put together. (If you guys are reading this, love you all, more than life itself)

Anywho, so I found myself at the library, trying to put together my research question in my mind without sounding like brain- removed version of Christiane Amanpour. As I approached the “Research Help Desk” on the first floor, two young ladies who seemed like their greatest pleasure in life is helping me, asked me what I was looking for. I started blurbing keywords and with the whitest smile I’ve seen, one of them said “Here I found a few books.” Yeah, she found all 59 of them.

To eliminate, we both sat down and went through what the library’s search engine left us with. After narrowing down the list to 8 books, we decided that I need more subject specific material. So, this lovely lady sat down with me for another half- hour to look for books on MeLCat which is the Michigan eLibrary database and helped me choose other 3 books (two of them being in Turkish) about Islam, Arab Spring and Politics. She also ordered one -just in case- from Western Seminary. I put my phone number and email down, so she could email me the book list and TEXT ME when the books get here. Also, because I am difficult, I asked her if I could order this particular book online through Hope’s library system eventhough it cannot be found in any other libraries- she noted the book down before I finished my sentence and told me it should be here soon.

As she was walking me upstairs (because I am such a baby) to show me the exact spot for these books we just looked up, I asked her if we could order a couple of videos and just with a glance she said “Oh no problem, I will pull those up for you.” What is life…

This lovely with a huge smile dropped me off on the third floor right between the Middle East politics and Asian Politics section. She showed me how to read the labels and told me that she will email me the ebooks as soon as possible. I got the email 5 minutes after she went back to her spot.

So there I was reading one of my 8 books that we pulled up, wondering if it would be okay if I spend the night there. There is something about that library, I’m telling you. It is soothing but it is also like a stimulant for your brain. Did not even realize that it was kind of getting dark until I actually looked out one of the many windows that oversees the Hogwarts-like part of the campus. Thought it is time to leave and checked out the books on the first floor, as I walked out of the building, half- heartedly.


Update: Today is Wednesday (the day Fall Break ended) and I got all my books that we ordered on Friday (the day Fall Break started).


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