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Hey guys,

So today I am going to tell you about my own definition of cornucopia; a term that we were introduced in Hunger Games series. It literally means abundance and nourishment however it usually presents itself as a horn-shaped basket filled with fruit, veggies and even sometimes meat. The concept itself dates back to an ungodly old era and the word itself originates from Latin “cornu copiae”. As this may sound ridiculous, I think we all have critical cornucopia spots in our lives, which usually host us during the busiest time of the year.

For college kids; that’s the examination week which may refer to “presentation/project week”, “midterms” or “finals”. Since finals week is coming, (first final tomorrow, wish me luck!) I have been nesting in my cornucopia spot for a few days now.

That spot is at Lemonjello’s, which is one of my favorite things about Hope or Holland. I am usually sitting by the wall, at the communal table, right across from that really     Picasso-y looking painting. Everything I need is here right under my hand;

  • Caffeine (check)
  • Good muffins (check)
  • Not- distracting- nice- background- noise (check)
  • Friendly baristas teasing you because you want to pick your own blueberry muffin (check)
  • A seat in the corner (check)
  • Classmates you will run into to confirm the exam time (check)
  • Random concerts (check)
not-so-your-average coffee shop

If you are looking for a place to study/ chill/ have a good time, I would say go to LJ’s.

Need for info? Go on the website:


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