Mother Nature Calling

Warning: This is not a gender-neutral post.

I’ve never heard a guy say “I could kill someone for a molten chocolate fudge cake” or “I’d do anything for some warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.” It just doesn’t happen. If living at a co-ed dorm my freshman and sophomore years has taught me something, that is possibly how guys don’t mention food and eat more, yet girls somehow talk about how brownies sound so good all the time and then look like it’s a piece of mud when someone offers a piece to them, because, calories.

Now, I think that is a fading trend because 5 girls living in an apartment showed me otherwise. As the baker of the apartment, I have witnessed 2 batches of cookies disappearing within two days. At first I thought it might be because we are 5 people but now that one of us is studying abroad and the other one is gluten-free, that literally means 3 people eating 4 cookies each day.

Holy. Cow.

There is a good chance that it might be mother nature’s brutal calling that forces us in that direction. The fact that we are not gals who count calories or lululemon girls in that matter, it makes it easier for us to depend our diets solely on chocolate and sugar once a month. if not more. However, like every other student, we have limited sources which can be painful when all you want is some chocolate donuts in your belly. This is why I found these awesome recipes which will definitely satisfy your sweet-tooth. Here is how to feed yourself with chocolate and sugar on a college budget:

Tanya Burr Double Chocolate Cookies with A-1 Twist

What you need: Flour, sugar, an egg, chocolate chips, 2 sticks of butter, cocoa and maaaaybe milk

How to make it: Preheat the oven to 375. Slice the butter sticks and microwave for 35 seconds. Add sugar as much as you want (depends on how sweet you want them to be) and blend until the mixture looks like cloud-puffy. Add the egg, keep mixing. Then add flour and cocoa. Too much flour? Don’t you worry, throw some milk into the mix. Put A LOT of chocolate chips. Mix for another minute. Place bulks of them on the tray and bake for 11 minutes. Enjoy responsibly.

What the dough is supposed to look like:

What the cookies supposed to look like:

You are welcome, dear reader, you are most welcome.

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