How to get a Christmas Gift from South Sudan

You can just skip the cheesy bread and instead buy a school kit for a girl in Africa. HOW SWEET IS THAT?

Hi people,

Christmas is on its way and I imagine your lists are getting longer and longer. Everything aside, you are probably asking for stuff that you can use at college, like a Kindle, and will come handy to you in any circumstance. Or just junk.

Well, this is going to be a very short post but I wanted to inform ya’ll about some opportunities which will satisfy you only in spiritual way. Nicholas Kristof, a writer at New York Times annually posts this gift list for people who are selfless enough to give up on a pair of Nikes or a nice blouse from Nordstrom. These year, he mentions 6 groups or NGO’s you could donate, or have someone else donate in your name. Here is the post for you to look over.

As I understand many of you have your heart set on this one pair of Nikes, don’t forget that those shoes will go out of fashion but buying a pair for a girl in Nigeria who needs shoes to attend a school never will.

If you think you cannot be a part of the change, think again; it costs $300 for a kid to finish a year of high school in Africa which means one less soul that needs to be saved. If all were educated, would we dealing the global problems that we are right now?

Don’t forget, it always starts with one person.

Happy (almost) Holidays.

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