Homesickness; How to get over it

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Ya’ll, I’m homesick. It’s bad.

Homesick as in I miss being home, you know, just being with familiar faces, good food, family, climate and Mediterranean temper. Also, I think I’m coming down with a cold, which is not helpful at all. Like many other people, I am not handling this gracefully. I’m frantically texting people at home, like friends from highschool; trying to cook good food when I really can’t because all my meals are made in “to- go” concept and reading TimeOut Istanbul everyday while checking out Vogue- Turkey’s website.

Eeeeeeehhhh whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy

Being an international student comes with consequences and vagabond lifestyle is only one of them. As I am grateful for this opportunity to study in the US; it kind of saddens me when I text my parents after class and hear back from them the day after, because of the time difference.

Pertanto, I get it; the struggle is real. Christmas break never seemed so far, far away and you really have no patience. In the midst of all the stuff you have to do, like doing laundry, finally starting that paper that is due within this week, studying for your Spanish quiz, preparing the communication calendar for the next month for your internship, X sport practices, you really have no time to go home.

I mean I would know, I live 14- hour plane ride away from my parents.

So here are some tricks to get past by the homesickness:

1- Skype

Lots, loooots of Skype will actually help. Skyping family is always the best and makes you feel their presence in your life again. Scheduled weekly Skype dates are totally doable too, as long as you think you can find time every week and know that you will not get sick of seeing people from home. Honestly after a while my weekly Skype dates became chore to me and reminded me why I fled in the first place.

2- Cry it out

Don’t think crying is for weak. When I was in the Netherlands I’ve seen men who look like they could win a cage fight cry because they missed their mother’s cooking and being with family.

3- Get someone to visit

Someone from the past, a familiar face can make you feel better. If you are originally from Wisconsin, have someone visit from your hometown and make them bring you some state fair food. Preferably Mac’n Cheese pizza cone so you can share it with me.

4- Turn off your Newsfeed

Sometimes it’s better not to see what is going on there. Maybe some people are getting married and having babies and just because they look less stressed in the pictures, you might get filled with eternal, unreasonable envy. You are here at college, getting a quality education with other awesome people. Embrace your life. As I read on a blog:
“Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc. are awesome ways to keep up with friends, but you must realize that social media is where people share the best part of their lives. You don’t see their burnt dinners, their ugly breakups, their failed exams or posts about how much weight they have gained. Stop using it as a medium to compare lives.”

5- Get a routine

This is my way of nesting. Among all of these tips, I find this the most useful as it requires commitment but offers you a lot of comfort. I have a morning routine because I think it is the easiest to stick with. Wherever I wake up, I always make tea, check my emails, check my calendar and look at the headlines on BBC. The nice thing is it doesn’t even matter where I wake up or what the weather is like; you can always count on me doing these, in the exact same order. For avoiding homesickness, stability is your best friend.

6- Appreciate yourself

Never forget that you are a champ for leaving your comfort zone. Picking up and leaving sometimes rips your heart out, but hey, you are blessed with the skills that allow you keep going even when you feel like you feel like you hit the rock bottom and all you need is your mom’s soup.

7- Look up

Don’t forget that something, someone; whoever or whatever you want that to be, is watching over you. You are going to be okay.

Afterall, “Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning.”

Hope you find these tips helpful, if you ever need them!

Now if you excuse me, I am going to go talk to some food about this.

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