Greek Orientation and a Splash of Spring

Hi guys!!

Guess what! I ran outside for three days in a row. Can you believe it?? It has been warm enough (above freezing) to somewhat enjoy the sunshine in Holland. I feel blessed that I am able to run this season, as last year I was still recovering from hip surgery.

Anyways, on the school-front just the same-ole same-ole… Tests, assignments, etc. However! My biochem lab was only a half semester class, so now I have 5 extra hours in the week! WOO HOO.

Also, I was the Greek Orientation assistant for my sorority, Theta Gamma Pi, which took up about 20 hours per week.So, I’m glad that is over. What is Greek Orientation, you ask? Well. it’s an alternative to new member education, or pledging, a sorority or fraternity. Hope College came up with this new system this year to help easy new members into Greek life a bit easier and much nicer. This system eliminates the temptation for active members to haze new members and demand tasks from them. Nobody wants to be tortured to get into an organization!!

I am so proud of our pledge class, 8 girls that I am proud to now call my sisters. They worked really hard for all that they accomplished, and although it was a long and busy 5 weeks of Greek orientation, they will be great assets to our organization.


Part of their final initiation was a stroll, a dance that was performed together. They completed this stroll with masks on to “mask their true identity.” Then, they introduced themselves based on their talents and attributes, and finally were able to say, I am a member of Theta Gamma Pi! And they got to take off their mask and REVEAL their identity, to show us our new sisters.

It was actually REALLY REALLY cool, even if it sounds a little dorky. It’s a very formal process and it really helps to put on a show for the alumni and active members to show what our new members have been working on for 5 weeks! They also get to show off their sorority knowledge and information they’ve learned.

1779046_683552715024970_283187546_nANYWAYS. Just a tidbit about what has been happening in my life over the last weekish.

I hope you’re weeks are going well! If you have sunshine, enjoy it!!!

Also, enjoy the SPRING FORWARD. Maybe this will mean No more Snow?

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