Future Arrangements

“I think I am going to get sick…”

Here I am sitting in the waiting room of the Career Services, trying to prepare myself for the worst-case scenario. Like the doctor’s office, that place has an interesting vibe to it; often I feel like my resume is the test results and the career advisor is the doctor… Kind of hoping that they will be able to tell me whether I will get a job or not. Or at least I wish it was simple like that.

Jk, I totally am.

Considering the fact that I had sweatpants, yet no make up on, I kind of looked sick, too. The mental exhaustion of thinking about the future and the pressure of how I need to get a job offer before I graduate must have put a fatigue look on my face that when Joelle called me into her office all cheery, there was a hint of a worried mother tone in her voice. I don’t usually do the whole getting nervous thing; it is what it is, I already settled an internship for the summer, I have experience, a nicely put together resume, some faith and a beacon of courage…

What else could I possibly want?

A job?

Assurance that I will not be unemployed for the rest of my life?


Here is the thing folks, when you are panicking for your future, it is not all that easy to let go of your concerns. However, you can always ask for help to do so… Let’s look at some people who can help you:

1. Joelle Fundaro – Networking

What does she help with? (Besides giving me breathing exercises)

  • Developing a networking strategy to explore careers
  • Identifying Hope alumni or other professionals to connect with for informational interviews and job shadowing
  • Preparing for a career fair or networking event such as Job Pursuit
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Utilizing social media in the job search

When should you visit her?

The minute you decide on your career path, you should go see Joelle to see if there are people you can connect with to get the inside scoop of the job field.

2. Dale Austin – Director

What does he help with?

  • Job search issues
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Graduate school planning issues

When should I visit him?

Got a call back from a job/internship opportunity? Go get feedback on your interview style. Senior? Consult for the job field.

3. Jena Szatkowski – Assistant Director

What does she help with?

  • internship research and planning
  • internship development for employers
  • registering for an internship course
  • off campus semester internship programs, like the Philadelphia Center
  • resume and cover letter review
  • mock interviews

When should I visit her?

She is the expert on internships and internship follow up. Also you can always work on your resume with her!

Yes, stepping into the real world is rough. Thankfully, we have these folks to make the transition smoother.

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