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So, for the past two weeks, I didn’t do any blog posts because I could not come up with any good ideas and then it hit me…

I never talked about food, which is probably the most beautiful subject there is to talk about.

When I was at a recruiting trip, one of the questions directed was about college food and by the mimics of the students around me; it was not hard to tell that they were actually concerned about the subject.

Well, my dear reader, don’t you worry; it’s not even half bad how phrases. However this subject needs work and has to be studied until the depths of it so this and next post will be about college eating habits.

Here we go…

At Hope College we have 4 different places you could grab food from;

  • Phelps Dining Hall
  • Cook Dining Hall
  • Cup and Chaucer
  • The Kletz and Cool Beans corner within Kletz, just for coffee.

I will introduce only the Dining Halls in this post.

Dining Halls are for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Phelps Dining Hall is open to everyone who has a meal plan (“room and board”s board part of it). However, Cook Hall is only for upperclassmen and those who live at Cook. As much as it sounds terribly unfair, it actually is not. Phelps is larger and has more options; here is the current menu.

The headlines like “American Grill” and “Homestyle” are the stands you get food from. If you don’t like any of the options, you can always go to the sandwich section of Phelps and prepare your own sandwich.

Is it hard to picture the hall? Well, there are some pictures for you.

Unfortunately this place is not open all the time, however you can find the hours online.

If you are at the class on most of the hours they’re open, you can always get your meal to go! Last year I had class from 4 to 4:50 and then my next class was from a 5 to 8; so I had my dinner to go.

Here is the form and detailed information.

You don’t have a class, but you are feeling really sick? No problem, Phelps has got you all covered!

The services are not limited with these few and that is why I will be writing a second post about the food at college!

In the next post, I will be talking about “Nutella Wrap” days, the Kletz and a survival guide if you have no food in your fridge and missed dinner hours.

Stay tuned!

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