Can I Crash On Your Couch? College Edition

There are infinite reasons of why sleeping over at a friends house is so much fun. Personally, I have not really experienced the guys’ side of slumber parties but I can confidently say regardless age, gender, nationality, occupation or marital status (single, taken, taken with a ring) it is always the starting date of the closest friendships, inside jokes, incredible memories and some unreasonable actions like drawing stuff on people’s faces while they are asleep.

Just last week – the night before the Easter break – Kaleigh, Hannah and I had a mini slumber party that was not anywhere close to becoming a Kesha video. Last thing I remember about that night is falling asleep to Kaleigh’s questions about the Iran Nuclear Deal at 12 AM. Okay I know what you expect; pink satin pjs, girls jumping on the bed with perfectly manicured nails, glitter and feathers everywhere, etc., etc. Well it is nothing like that, but I can confidently promise you it will be a pretty fantastic time you will cherish until your retirement day… because the rumor has it that life starts after retirement, or possibly the first hip replacement.

Here are the five ways college-level sleepovers are better than high school ones:

1. No one asks you, “Do you really want to eat that?”

It’s college. We all got over our dieting phase so eating pizza at 10 PM as we are watching a really cheesy rom-com like Friends With Benefits is no big deal. Also we are experienced enough to know that pizza will not be enough, hence; cheesy bread. It is to die for, take my word (or anyone who hasn’t lost the “freshman 30” yet) for it.

2. Going to bed at 12 AM is the coolest thing you can do.

It was around 11 when Hannah started to yawn and it was before midnight when I was trying find comfort in that pillow-y thing. Obviously it was not designed for a good night sleep because no couch pillow is but you have to work with what you have. Still though, falling asleep as I was talking to Kaleigh about politics resulted in one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve had but deepest sleep in a very long time.

3. No clean up after.

So here’s how it goes: you hang out, eat, watch a movie or two, do a little gossiping and then crash where ever you are. Considering you will not be using sheets and won’t have food on a solid plate (paper towel is usually a luxury) there is not hustle in the morning, giving everyone plenty of time to have some coffee and relax.

4. Grown-up brunch.

The older you get, more you develop an appreciation for brunch. It is probably cultural but I’ve always loved me some laying back for hours and enjoying solid breakfast with at least 10 items on the table. If it is a Saturday morning, that’s probably going to be the case for you and your friends. Honorary mention to cold pizza for becoming one of the solid college-brunch items.

5. Going back to realities

The day usually continues with studying in the same room, in pjs. If one of us has to leave, they leave and that only means there is more room  on the couch for the rest. No one bothers each other except for moments of exhilarating distractions, usually caused by foodgawker or Buzzfeed: “Guys, we have to take this quiz… It’s ‘Do you actually prefer chocolate or cheese?‘” It’s usually a controversial one like this so it kind of starts a debate which ends in more hunger… Which leads to dialing our good old friend Papa Johns’ number, once again.

As a summary:

Bonus points: You don’t have to worry about your parents coming back from Florida early… Because, what parents?

Stay cool.

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