Learning a Second Language

Ever since I could remember, I had a fascination with Paris and my first time seeing the Eiffel Tower was in the book Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans. The little girl with the red hair and funny voice intrigued me, but Paris as an actual place didn’t become more real to me until I got older. When I […]

What To Do When You Experience Writer’s Block

Hi readers! I was on the train home yesterday from Fall Break when I started this blog post and as much as I was used to the 3½ hour long rides coming and going, this last time it seemed especially long. Anyway, I was trying to edit an essay that was due today in the […]

Spring Break in Nice, France!

It’s been a while, but I am back to update you on my recent spring break trip in Nice, France! I was ready for a little getaway before finals and last-minute papers and essays, so a vacation on the beach was exactly what I needed. This time around, I did things a bit differently compared […]

Weekend Adventure: Exploring Paris!

I am currently in the midst of midterm week(s) with papers, presentations, and exams, so I have been a bit busy, to say the least. However, I wasn’t going to let all of my work get in the way of me enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Paris! As you can imagine, […]