Wahoooo my first year at Hope College is officially complete!!!!!! I feel so incredibly blessed for opportunity to learn and grow at this place. The best part is I have 3 more years. My first year at Hope has been filled with great memories, professors, classes, friends, and fun. As I reflect on the entire […]

Beach Escape!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Today concludes the first day of exam week. I woke up at 7 to study before my Spanish exam this morning. I was very tired because I had stayed up late working on my stats final exam paper, but no worries… IT IS FINISHED! I felt […]

Fun-filled weekend!

Hello Everyone! I leave for Easter break in less than 2 hours!!!! Yes, I am so incredibly pumped. School has been crazy busy this past week. I’ll fill you in on what I have been doing. Friday night: I attended a concert at Lemonjello’s. Some students from Hope were playing, and the band did an […]

Springing into Springtime

Things I like about Spring in Holland: Tulips and flowers are budding I sleep with the window open Frozen/iced coffee drinks from JP’s, Lemonjello’s, and Starbucks  Visiting the beach  Laying in the pinegrove looking at stars Everyone is in high spirits because the cold weather is gone Pulling my bike out of the storage room […]

Sand, Sun and Fun!

Hello Everyone! Yesterday, Holland had a high of 80; the nicest day in 2011. The Pine Grove was filled with people playing music, reading a book, kicking a soccer ball, swinging on a hammock, long boarding, napping, and just hanging out with friends. Students broke out their warm weather clothes and shoved their jackets and […]

Longboards — my new obsession

Longboards are the new trend hitting Hope College. My personal new obsession… one day my roommate let me borrow her longboard, and I instantly fell in love. So many people use it as transportation on Hope’s campus. The other night a group of friends went out longboarding during the night, but now it is starting […]

What is so special about April 1st?

Oh yes, April Fools’ day. A much needed day among the 365 days in a year. It could possibly take the place of one of my favorite national holidays. I love to play jokes on people, and I also enjoy receiving jokes. This past Friday was filled with laughter, excitement, and pranks. I’ll just tell […]

Juarez Spring Break Mission Trip!

Hola a todos! Spring break 2011, where to begin? I traveled with a group of 10 people to Juarez, Mexico for a mission trip. I normally visit Juarez about four times a year because my dad started a not-for-profit organization called Amigos en Cristo in Juarez. I absolutely love participating in mission trips there. This […]

Roomie’s Birthday!!!

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having wonderful weeks. It is almost the weekend. I only have one more class left before I leave to go skiing with my dad and sister. They are currently driving through Indiana on their way to Hope. I can’t wait to see them! Anyway, yesterday was my wonderful […]