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Hello fellas,

So the other day, I was thinking about that day which I went on a recruiting trip with my boss. We visited a high school in Holland which was great for me because I did not really get a chance to interact with Holland youth, apart from small chats at shops like “Oh that dress looks really cute on you” or “Gosh, could this line be any longer?”. The best part is, even though it was technically an official “recruiting session,” the students definitely did not hold it back and told me about their concerns about attending a “local,” small liberal arts school. Well, I know this whole small school thing is an issue for a lot of the prospective students, so I am going to address this issue/concern really quick.

Let me tell you about my Morocco experience…

I went on that excursion trip with 15 other ladies who are all wonderful. We spent a lot of time together; our rooms at the hotels were always next to each other and we went everywhere together – including classes, exploration trips, restaurants; literally everywhere. It was like traveling with a sorority group for 17 days; not that it is a bad thing, but as you can imagine after one point it got really overwhelming for all of us because we were just not used to being around each other all the time. Not to mention we all have really strong personalities…

It was great for a while; getting to know each other a lot more closely, showing support one and other when one of us got homesick for Taco Bell or Papa John’s, having grown up slumber parties in our pjs and exchanging weird high school stories… It was all wonderful until we needed some alone time. Then we all started getting more impatient and less understanding which, at the end, caused some troubles towards the end of the trip.

But after understanding Moroccan culture and figuring out the ways of transportation, we all went different ways. For dinner, some of us just went to a supermarket to buy groceries while a few of the people went to McDonalds and others went to a kabab restaurant. For free time, we all chose to go to different museums and even some of us just did not go anywhere and just watched Moroccan TV – because Netflix doesn’t work in Morocco.

Off-topic side note: Grocery shopping in a country that I don’t speak the language of, was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had.

Anyway, it was just like freshman year at college all over again; I had my friend group that I hung out with aaaall the tiiiiime and as I got more used to the environment, I decided to do my own thing. Not to mention it is a lot easier to do something by yourself at Hope than in Morocco, because culturally, women don’t go out on the streets often unless they have to go somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promising you anything; all I am saying is it is up to you. Hope has a small campus, but it depends on you too. If you don’t want to run into someone you probably won’t, because it is large enough to get lost in the crowd. Also choosing to stick with your high school friends and blaming that on campus’ size is just not fair. You can go to a state school and still end up with the crowd that you used to hang out with back in high school.

You are thinking “Why so serious all of a sudden?” because my other posts tend to be more goofy, but it is decision time for you all and I just wanted to make myself clear. So excuse me, but I will repeat myself just to make it crystal clear:

You don’t have to hangout with your high school friends even if you are a local and if you are not, I don’t even know what you are worried about.

Think of it this way, one of my best friends is a Holland Christian grad but now he has a Turkish friend. I mean come on, it doesn’t get much more worldly than this.

Just something for you to keep in mind while you are making your “ultimate” decision.

Stay cool,

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