Surviving the Pre-Spring Break Test, As Told by the Office

My week is dreadful and going to be really long, how is your’s going?

I had a very important test just today as if last week was not bad enough. It is almost like the professors are punishing us for having a Spring Break since most of my friends are complaining about the same thing. Most professors don’t get breaks – they just get quiet campuses, so I am assuming this is a revenge situation:

“Oh you are packing to go to Florida? Let me assign you a 10-page paper due Thursday so you panic and completely forget to put your bathing suit in the luggage!”

Not cool, man, not cool.

On the other hand I do accept soooome responsibility. My procrastination level kind of skyrocketed this past weekend (and even today) because my brain was convinced that I would not be able to fully focus on Kant’s thoughts on equality without eating the second batch of cookies, which I absolutely should make from scratch.

Now, I am going to tell you all about this event through The Office gifs:

So this is how I started studying:

And then I started to download all the Powerpoints on the Moodle and study them:

Everything was going well, I felt like I knew everything:

Then I got to the slides from the days I missed class:

At that point I kind of lost track of my notes:

God I’m sorry I missed a class PLEASE MERCY ME

Then I started Googling the terms I didn’t know and it all started to come together:

Ooooohhh I gotchu, I gotchu Bentham

Then the test morning I went on Moodle again, only to realize that I forgot to download 3 of the presentations which we are responsible from: 

So this was me dragging myself to the test:

So I took a seat in the class as the professor gave out the test and looked me like:

PS: The guy was not even looking at me. I just assumed that the fact that I was dumb enough to not study those parts was written on my forehead.

And then there were 4 questions from those topics on the first two pages:


“I remember reading about this in the book!!”


So I jotted down some stuff:

Then it was 1:50 PM. Hour of freedom:

Turned in my test in and wished a good break to my prof in all bro spirit:

And high- fived Hannah:

Then walked out of the classroom feeling like:

I know I still have tomorrow until I board on the plane, but still:



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