DC Comics Series-1: Bringing My Inner Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to DC

I came to love bananas when I was doing research in Morocco. I also came to like myself with Jess Avery while we were nibbling on our Moroccan Oreos and chocolate milk that was labeled in Arabic, as I squatted by the Atlantic Ocean.

Even though I was in a limbo between being happy for taking the first steps of becoming a world citizen and being depressed because I was (at the time) away from my newly blooming relationship, I managed to learn how to balance an unorthodox life. Not to mention being a total mother to my thesis, Second Wave Feminism’s Effect on Dutch Women’s Health Policies and Medicalization of the Female Bodies which was shortened down to 45 pages, has effected me in many positive ways.

I loved it. When I was done with it, I thought I could rule the world and school all the non- egalitarian states. Ever since, I had been longing for that feeling that made me feel (finally) satisfied about my life and my skill set.

After battling with a semester long soul-searching and disordered eating (aka binge eating), I found myself applying for the Washington Honors Semester Program, the program that would potentially give me all those feelings back as I intern at a place of my choice in DC, for the spring semester of my Senior year.

Result? I got in.

Guys, I got in.

But, now what?

At this point, I kind of feel like a mole-woman, meaning like Kimmy Schmidt who has not been exposed to the real world for a good chunk of time and have been living in a shelter with many others, surviving in the same illusion. The last time I was exposed to the “real world”s intolerance and scheming people with absolutely messed up morals, I was in high school. Needless to mention, I attended one of the finest high school’s in Turkey; it was practically our IB High Level English instructor’s job to crush our 17-year-old souls.

Now, as much as I like my college and as much as it is absolutely perfect for many programs when it comes to Political Science and International Studies, it is difficult to practice these fields like they deserve. Not that I’d prefer to attend a House of Cards- wanna be university but this cushioned environment can easily let us get too comfortable.

Anyway…  I have been looking at different organizations and platforms to apply for internships. Al Jazeera, CNN, Stimson Center American Center for Progress and NCUSAR are topping my list so far… I know, I know, CNN is not going to welcome me with milk and cookies at the door but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. This is where I become Kimmy; I am certain that I will not get into most of these places but I am applying out of optimism and faith; never-minding the fact that I will be competing against kids from Georgetown and Harvard.

So my DC- Comic blog series that I will post about once a week next to other topics, will will be on my journey to DC and the shenanigans I will take part there.

Now if you excuse me I will go on my merry way to celebrate this event with milk and cookies; the kind that CNN will not be offering me when they reject my application.


Be aware, more posts will come soon.

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