50 Thoughts of a Night Class

What I’d much rather be doing instead of discussing whether Pakistan has substantive democracy or not (shame on me, I know)

Hello guys,

So as I mentioned on Caffeine Rush 2k15 vlog, I have a night class on Tuesdays with Dr. Dandavati, from 6 to 9 PM. It is under the name of Asian Politics, however because of out very limited time, we only cover India and China. Now, I am fully aware that it is a Politics class with my favorite professor, however that doesn’t change the fact that I indeed have a touch of ADD; hence I do get distracted really quick. When I was a kid, my dad was called to “parent-student meetings” pretty frequently to ask him if I actually have ADHD or if something was really off with me.

Now I don’t expect any of my professors to call me parents all the way from Turkey, but frankly, I would not be all that shocked.

In the span of 3 hours, there are times that I just oppose to my classmates just so I can stay awake. For instance:

Friend- Dr. Dandavati, I think it is safe to say that using atomic bombs twice on Japan was extreme, yet necessary measures.

Dr. Dandavati- Yes but then aga…

Me- Okay you can not justify attacking a country twice even if it was for the Manhattan Project. After the first missile danger, Japan did back down but Americans just used the whole country as a shooting range.

(Awkward silence)

So this is pretty much how it is after hour 2. Here are 50 thoughts that go through my mind after the minute I sit down:

1- Oh cool, Dr. Dandavati got us pizza! (5:58)

2- Mmm, I wonder if I should go for a third slice even though I had dinner.(6:06)

3- Gosh, all that red of the CCP propaganda flyer is making me hungry.(6:07)

4- I know it’s been 10 minutes since the class has started but can I just sneak around her to get pepperoni…(6:10)


6- Ugh.(6:16)

7- Now it’s been 20 minutes, and it’s cold plus it is the last slice of pepperoni so it’s really awkward if I take it.(6:15)

8- I really want that slice. (6:25)

9- What is there to discuss? Narendra Modi is just a man of ridicule. (6:30)

10- Yeah, yeah we know he convinced UN to have “International Yoga Day” (6:35)

11- Ha.. I wonder if Em is going to Yoga tonight? Maybe I’ll tag along.(6:37)

12- Geez, no way I’m too full, shouldn’t have 3 slices. (6:38)

13- Could this kid please stop asking questions… It’s really distracting. (6:45)

14- Kid, please shut up, let the prof do the talking. (6:50)

15- I swear, if he keeps talking… (6:55)

16- Hahahaha he just got Dandavati-ed hahahaha (6:57)

17- Why is she looking at me? Can she tell that I’m laughing inside? (7:00)

18- Still staring, this is awkward. (7:02)

19- Wait what? Is that word even English? (7:10)

20- I don’t want to look stupid but I really need to ask how it is spelled. (7:11)

21- Eh, I’ll just look it up after class. (7:12)

22- Mmm sooo do I need to remember that date for the test?? (7:15)

23- Are you kidding me? This is going to be on the test? I SWEAR THIS WOMAN IS READING MY MIND! (7:17)

24- Mmm… Maybe I should live tweet from class. (7:20)

25- No what if she somehow sees?? But she doesn’t have twitter. (7:21)

26- I’m not gonna risk it. How long until the break?? (7:30)

27- Oh finally the break… (7:33)

28- Mmmm vending machine or restroom.. Tough one (7:35)

29- Sweet, they have baked Lays!! (7:36)

30- I wonder if she’ll notice if I just doodle instead of taking notes. (8:10)

31- Of course she will, she’s Dr. Dandavati. (8:12)


33- Oh it’s my turn to answer. What is the question again? (8:15)

34- I really want to open the bag of chips but I don’t want to make noise (8:23)

35- I’m starving again. I really need those chips.(8:27)

36- Well here we go *kusudbsiabfiuas* (8:32)

37- Oh my Gosh she hates me (8:33)

38- Is it snowing out? It better not be! (8:37)

39- Okay there is no way India will back down after BRICS is actually in order. (8:40)

40- No no no, you don’t want to get into the sweat shops talk. (8:42)

41- Oh don’t you dare to dismiss me kid…(8:43)

42- Hah. It’s snowing. Do I have my shovel with me? (8:45)

43- I don’t even have a shovel. LOL (8:46)

44- Maddie was gonna make cookies tonight, wonder if they’ll be chocolate chip… (8:47)


46- Mmm I’m not that tired maybe I should go work out (8: 48)

47- Wait I can’t… Mindy Project is on tonight! (8:49)

48- She is not going to let us out on time… (8:50)

49- Ha totally called it! (8:53)

50- PRAISE THE LORD I’M OUT! *storms out the classroom* (8:56)

Note- to- self: Be careful what you wish and sign up for.

Stay kewl,

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