Wifi Improvements on Campus

Hey Hope College,

On the constantly growing list of things that are improving at Hope, the campus-wide Wi-Fi definitely makes the top ten. This past year Student Congress worked alongside CIT to ensure that in replacement of an expensive and underused cable service, funds would be spent enhancing the student online experience. This has been a huge transition for our campus and four tireless months later resources have been shifted. CIT has worked with the cable company and now we can look forward to faster and more reliable Internet. We want to keep everyone in the loop on what projects have been completed and what is in store for your speedy wireless adventures.

Last semester CIT installed new wireless access points in Kollen, Phelps, Voorhees, Van Vleck, Wyckoff, Lichty, Scott Hall, and Brumler Apartments. These new wireless access points essentially are ‘antennas’ that connect your devices to the wifi. These are similar to what is used in the residential setting except these large network antennas are more powerful and have more features. At this point Hope College has around 700 of these antennas, however, the updated wireless access points provide stronger and more reliable connections that result in fewer problems reported by students.

Although CIT has already gone through extensive measures to make vast enhancements, they continue to make changes around campus in the coming months. Future and upcoming projects include:

  • New wireless access points for Gilmore and Dykstra Hall – estimated completion February 2018
  • A 200% increase in the Internet capacity of the cable modems serving cottages and apartments – estimated completion during the Spring Semester
  • New wireless access points throughout Cook Hall, Durfee Hall, and College East Apartments – estimated completion for all locations summer 2018
  • An evaluation of cottages and apartments to determine where new equipment would be most beneficial – ongoing through summer 2018 and beyond

There are many more projects in the planning phase that we can look forward to in the next couple of years, such as:

  • New equipment to facilitate a larger campus Internet connection serving residence halls, classrooms, and other student spaces
  • Potential new wireless access points in campus hubs such as the Van Wylen Library, Dimnent Chapel, and Cook Dining
  • A 100% or more increase in the capacity of the Internet connection serving residence halls, classrooms, and other student spaces
  • Enhanced capabilities to ensure the security and privacy of devices and data on the network.

While some students miss the cable more than others, Student Congress believes we can all agree that the reallocation of funds towards new equipment for faster, stronger, and safer wifi is worth the sacrifice. We have been working closely with CIT to ensure that the student body is being positively impacted by the changes that are being made on our campus. If you are still having issues we encourage you to contact CIT directly about the problems or concerns you may have and they will work one on one with you in order to find a solution. Happy internet surfing and here’s to a buffer free Hope College!

If you have any other campus concerns or comments contact your Student Congress representative, email us at congress@hope.edu, or submit your thoughts here.

Statement to the Hope Community: “We welcome you to join us”

The statement below was made to the Hope Community on September 19, 2017 from the Student Congress:

Dear Hope Community:

It is with excitement that we welcome students to campus this year! The first three weeks at Hope have been filled with new experiences, additional members to our campus community, and a recently dedicated student center. Student Congress is both thrilled and humbled to represent the student body, and eager to work with the administration in promoting an inclusive environment for all students.

Over the course of the past month, life-changing events such as natural disasters, changes surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, and protests heightening racial tensions in our nation have both directly and indirectly impacted our peers. We recognize the uncertainty of many of these situations and are encouraged by the supporting efforts of our campus community. Student Congress believes all of us are called to dedicate ourselves to the care and development of the mind, body, and spirit of every member of the Hope community.

In light of these recent events, we are optimistic that our community will benefit from civil discourse and engagement, as outlined in the five virtues of Hope. Alongside President Voskuil and his team of senior administrators, Student Congress is ready to address your needs and tackle the issues that are brought to our attention throughout the year. Our agenda is your agenda, and we are passionate about advocating for student concerns and constantly improving our campus. We encourage you to reach out to your elected Student Congress representatives with any concerns and ideas big or small that can make Hope a better place for you and other students.


Anchored in Hope,

Jason Gomory, President

Lydia Berkey, Vice President

Leah Asen, Controller

The Student Congress

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