Student Ambassadors 2015-16


The Student Ambassadors for 2015-16 are:

Class of 2018
Victoria Chapman
Kyle Funk
Alejandra Gomez
Elizabeth Orians
Kevin Rukundo
Garrett Sims
Spencer Westley
David White III

Class of 2017
Josh Augustine
Matt Baxter
Mikaila Bisson
Duncan Bocks
Christin Bothe
Natalie Brown
Catherine Hagenbush
Ryan Johnson
Catherine Namwezi
Abigail Ivy Smith
Abigail W. Smith
Tyson Walton
Isabel “Shiku” Wanyagah

Class of 2016
Jared Bollaert
Lauren Boyle
Alison Claucherty
Kierstynn Foster
Danae Frost
Andrew Harrison
Israel Hipolito
Abby Hodgkinson
Evan Rodgers
Sam Starks
Tori Viveen
William Winter

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“Student Ambassadors has given me the opportunity to share my experiences and love for Hope with faculty, staff, alumni and donors of Hope.  I am given opportunities to grow in my strengths and weaknesses, whether that be my organization, marketing, communication, or presentation skills.  Being apart of Student Ambassadors has given me the opportunity to have dinner with President Knapp, valet-park for his open-houses, and many other opportunities.  But most importantly through Student Ambassadors I have gained another community that is so welcoming and loving and has given me the chance to grow as a son of God.” -Sam Starks, junior



Join Student Ambassadors February 19 at 6:00 pm in Maas to learn more about this awesome organization.

Tis’ The Season

Yesterday, December 5th, was the last chapel of the semester, so the student ambassadors wanted to give a little treat for the classmates! After chapel we passed out hot cocoa to everyone passing by and leaving chapel. It was so fun getting into the holiday spirit and a fun last event for the ambassadors. We also had our student ambassador Christmas party this week. We had an M&M tasting bar and many other fun activities and plenty of bonding, it was a blast and a great way to close out the semester with such a wonderful group of people! Check out the photos below of our holiday events this week, and from the whole student ambassador family have a blessed holiday season!

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End of Year Wrap-Up!

This semester has been a busy one for the Student Ambassadors! After a very successful recruitment last Spring we welcomed a large group of new wonderful ambassadors this year. The ambassadors were involved in and volunteered at homecoming weekend and family weekend! At homecoming weekend the ambassadors worked the welcome table, and gave Segway tours. At family weekend the ambassadors helped plan an Orange & Boo bash for the siblings of Hope College Students and hosted tables at the family breakfasts. We also partnered with the Student Activities Committee to plan a tailgate for the volleyball game at the beginning of the semester. Check out the photos below to see all the fun we’ve had thus far, looking forward to making even more memories next semester!

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Roses are red, hot cocoa is brown…?

Happy Valentines Day! Today the Student Ambassadors wanted to spread love and cheer on this chilly Friday, so we set up a stand to pass out hot cocoa to students as they were leaving chapel! We loved seeing all your smiling faces and hope you enjoyed the warm treat, for even more fun make sure to stay updated with our blog!