About the Student Ambassadors

Hope College Student Ambassadors

The Hope College Student Ambassadors is a student group that includes 30 sophomores, juniors and seniors. The group is selected each spring through a competitive application process, and currently meets as a whole twice a month. It is co-advised by staff representatives from Alumni Engagement and Student Development. The purpose of the Ambassadors is to provide a stronger connection between students and alumni as well as a smooth transition from student to alumni.

Group members connect with alumni at a variety of events and are responsible for programming on campus throughout the year. In turn, the students benefit from valuable leadership experience, unique networking opportunities and professional development training. The group is recruited in February, and begins meeting in September of the next school year. They meet for the entire school year.

For more information about the Hope College Student Ambassadors, or how to become a member, please contact alumni@hope.edu.

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