Resource Feature: NIH Specific Aims Section

The BioScience Writers Journal has a wonderful resource for those individuals contemplating (or developing) a National Institutes of Health (NIH) proposal.  The most important section of your NIH proposal is the one-page Specific Aims section–it sets the stage for all of the other parts of your application.

To assist investigators in developing their Specific Aims section, BioScience Writers developed a resource titled NIH Grant Applications: The Anatomy of a Specific Aims Page that’s worth a read.  This is a fantastic resource to benefit any investigator at any stage (new or experienced), and it’s color-coded breakdown of an entire Specific Aims section helps illustrate the importance of this portion of the proposal.

Seeking additional proposal development resources for your application?  Feel free to contact Ron Fleischmann, Director of Sponsored Research and Programs (, to discuss your needs.

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