Pamela Koch receives new American Sociological Association Award

Pamela Koch, Associate Professor of Sociology, received a $2,500 American Sociological Association Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant for the project titled All students (should be able to) Write and Research. Joining Dr. Koch on this project are Debra Swanson, Professor of Sociology, and Aaron Franzen, Associate Professor of Sociology.

The purpose of this project is to develop Sociology student skills in four primary areas: work with others; write and speak well; solve problems; and analyze information. This project will seek to build these skills with students enrolled in Sociology 262 (Research Methods); Sociology 261 (Theoretical Perspectives); Sociology 390 (Advanced Research Projects); and Sociology 495 (Capstone Seminar in Sociology).

Congratulations, Pamela, Debra, and Aaron, on your award!

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