Christian Gibson receives new Michigan State Police award

Christian Gibson, Victim Advocate / Prevention Educator, recently received a $17,028 award from the Michigan State Police Fiscal Year 2020 Campus Sexual Assault Program for the project titled Hope Campus Leadership Team to End Sexual Violence. Additional project personnel include Sarah Kornfield, Associate Professor Communications and Women and Gender Studies and Trainer on Rape Culture; Jevon Willis, Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion; and Elizabeth Kubias, Assistant Director of Student Life. The project period is 14 February 2020 through 31 January 2021.

The purpose of this project is to seek technical support and training for Hope College personnel in the Culture of Respect Progrm and Green Dot Training to reduce sexual assault on campus. Project personnel will receive training in summer 2020 and implement programming on campus in fall 2020.

Congratulations, Christian, on your new award!

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