August 16, 2017– Across the Pond

Today, we arrived in London around noon local time after our seven hour flight from Chicago over night. Aside from exploding yogurt cups and leaky water bottles, the flight was uneventful (for us). We had six whole hours to explore and entertain ourselves at the airport this afternoon. We enjoyed wandering through the shops of the airport, napping on various pieces of furniture, playing card games, and getting a quick core workout prior to boarding our next flight.

During our layover we also had our first official overseas meal as a team, which included fortune telling and sugar roulette. Our next flight was 11 hours to South Africa. We boarded around 6:30pm local time. The plane was exceptionally warm and incredibly large. We flew an Airbus A380, which is a double decker plane – which was much more comfortable than our first plane. Luckily we were served both dinner and breakfast on this trip. We highly recommend watching movies and attempting to sleep if you ever find yourself on a flight of this length.

Currently – August 17th, we are sitting in the Johannesburg airport waiting for our flight to Livingstone, Zambia. We are looking forward to meeting the Poetice staff and people that we will be serving this next week.


Haley and Jenna

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