Sundays in Costa Rica

Hey extended SEED Costa team, Happy Sunday! Brendan and Natalie here for todays rundown. We had a busy day today that started early at a local bakery.

The bakery was lined with all sorts of goods that we had never seen before. Every team member got to choose two pastries and said they really enjoyed their breakfasts (savory and sweet!).

After breakfast, we walked home to get dressed for church. The congregation was small but they welcomed us with open arms and smiles. They worshiped with incredible passion and it was special to share ours with them as well. As the worshiping was happening, Carl and I had a lot fun trying to pick up on all the words of the songs using our very limited knowledge. One of songs played during worship was “Yahweh”. This is commonly played during chapel back home, and everyone was really excited to hear it. We also loved the sermon. The pastor and his son-in-law did a good job translating it for us. They had excellent chemistry together.

Once church finished up, we hopped on the bus and drove over to the Lincoln Mall here in San Jose. We haven’t seen a mall so busy in years! The food court was full of soccer jerseys because the Costa Rican League 1 Championship was today. The game was taking place a couple miles down the road so all the fans were out getting ready. We each got to choose our lunch, and there was plenty of places we recognized from home.

Our shopping trip wasn’t done there. The next stop was Walmart. The list of necessities included local chocolate and coffee. We are looking forward to sharing it with you guys once we get back home (If any of it makes it back!)

We made our way back to the AMCA House and had a little bit of time before dinner. We worked on prepping water filter buckets for later in the week, and were able to catch the second half of the local soccer game on TV while working. For dinner we had tostadas. So yum!

Next was team time. The Wolma’s all shared their personal testimonies and we loved hearing about each of their stories. Then we moved into bible study focusing on making the most out of difficult times.

We’re all super excited for tomorrow. We can’t wait to go to the Linda Vista school and play with all the kids. Time to get some sleep!

Signing off,

Natalie & Brendan.

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