Puerta Plata – A Day of Relaxation and Reflection

Hey Everyone! It’s Cole and Amanda back with more stories from the DR from Thursday!

Bright and early, the guys woke up again and got a card workout in up on the roof. Then our first start to the day was breakfast with our wonderful cooks Maria and Sandra. They made us pancakes and bacon!! Following breakfast we got to hear our bus driver, Narciso’s, testimony and had a great devotional time about multiplication and spreading disciples!!

We got all packed up and headed out for the resort we’re staying at for the night. Before making the two hour trip there, we took a stop at el monumento de los héroes de la restauración. John told us a bit about the history, but the views spoke for themselves. We hopped back on the bus and headed for the resort!

After two hours, we finally made it! The resort was gorgeous! We checked in and were welcomed with a buffet lunch with all you can imagine. You could catch most of us at the pasta bar in which you could add anything you wanted, and they would cook it right in front of you, or watch us enjoying the yummy Dominican Republic ice cream. You wouldn’t believe how good some simple vanilla or chocolate ice cream would taste!

That was only the beginning of the wonders of the resort. We spent the afternoon swimming in the ocean, sitting on the beach, or jumping in the pool. The water was unbelievable warm which was incredible.

We then all joined back up together for some dinner and followed with a recap of the week on the beach. The sound of the ocean crashing and slight breeze was nothing but remarkable. We finished the night hanging out and relaxing as a group! It was a phenomenal day of relaxation and reflection together!!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to spend time at the resort and can’t wait to continue the fun tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

Cole and Amanda!

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