Day of Worship

Hello! Today Will Tobias and Lexie Dehoop will be writing the blog post. We began our first day on ground at Grace House Resort with complimentary breakfast. Fresh juice, fruit, omelettes are just the start of the amazing Kenyan food. Their hospitality is amazing. We got into our huge van and headed to church, we were greeted with passionate worship that filled the room with a joy unlike we have ever seen before. There was smiling and laughter, and an acceptance that made Kenya feel like home. We were invited up onto the stage in which those worshipping greeted us and asked each of us individually for our names to build a more personal connection with us all. The adults in the church sang their hearts out and danced with an excitement and joy that was infectious. The children ran around and played with us, smiling and laughing as they drew pictures of us, held our hands, and danced. As we left, the children and adults alike almost swarmed our van, each and every one of them wanting to share their love with us and wish us well on our way to the market. We stopped for lunch at the lovely Chicken Inn and ate on the way to the market. We then practiced our bartering skills, which we figured out we are not very good at… we all walked away with beautiful souvenirs and gifts for close friends and family. We had a short break before dinner where Grace House provided us with complimentary tea time. We sat with our tea, had good conversation, and played games. Dinner was at what you may describe as ‘Kenyan Chile’s’, good food and better fellowship. We finished the night at Grace Resort with our debrief and a couple of our group members were called to share their testimonies. It was moving and it is clear that God is with us. We ask that you pray for our day out in the slums tomorrow and for our connections within and outside of the group to grow and thrive.

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