Last Day in Gulu | 5.31 Uganda SEED

What’s up from Uganda, Maddie and Ryan here.

Today we started with breakfast and devotions. We were then allowed to work on the farm at the Gulu Sports Outreach Complex. We were divided into three groups; one fed the cows, another fed and herded the pigs, and a final group delivered water to the animals.

After lunch, our group was divided into men and women. The women visited Christine’s House, which cares for young girls going through hardships and in need of support. They made pastries with the girls at the house, learned a new dance, and played yard games with them. The girls were given the chance to encourage each other by sharing their stories and journeys through faith with each other.

While that was transpiring, the boys embarked on a different mission. They were shown around the complex and undertook mango hunting. They used excessively long sticks to smack mangos down, and the boys tried to catch them before they hit the ground and split open. Afterward, they spent some leisure time playing chess against one another.

As the end of the trip nears, many of us run out of clean laundry. The women of Sports Outreach were kind enough to show us how to wash our clothes in the proper Uganda fashion. We could also go to the vocational school and purchase some items they were making. Many people bought gifts for their parents, so I won’t spoil the surprise with specifics.

In the evening, the group returned to play soccer once more. While the soccer game was going on, many of us decided to start a volleyball game and showed many kids a new game they hadn’t seen before.

Our stay in Gulu has been amazing and eye-opening. We need to rest up as we leave early tomorrow morning for Para.

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