Wheels Rollin

The bus pulled out of our hotel in Kampala at 9:00 am sharp!  We had a 7 hour drive to Koro Farm in Gulu.  As always, Wilfred did a wonderful job safely navigating us to our destination- even with all the crazy traffic!  We were eager to experience this new city and area, because last night we learned about how it is still recovering from a long civil war.  We are all excited to continue to see God working through us and those of the Sports Outreach ministry!  On the bus we shared many laughs, went over many speed bumps and saw some of God’s beautiful creations.  The landscape in northern Uganda is much different than what we have previously experienced.  Here there is more lush vegetation and it is less populated.  About an hour before we arrived in Gulu, we saw our first baboon on the side of the road; everyone was excited to see its bright red bottom!  As we continued down the road, we saw the most amazing sight as we crossed the Nile River!  Whitney shared about how she sees so much beauty in Gods creations like this, and the rest of us agreed!  Unfortunately, due to Ugandan laws, we could not take any pictures as we crossed the bridge.  For a stretch of road after the river, there were baboons everywhere!  We all took many pictures of them- especially the baby baboons!

Once we arrived to Koro Farm we were warmly greeted by a staff member who gave us all hugs and attempted to physically and emotionally lift us off the ground in excitement. After settling in, we began our tour of the farm beginning with a meeting of the girls and women who live on the farm and partake in their programs. They have a vocational school where the girls learn tailoring and other skills to help create a vocation once they leave the programs at the farm. These women cheered and clapped when they saw us and the girls danced and sang. Of course, we tried to dance with them, but like most Ugandans when they see our dancing, they laughed. We were able to play an ice breaker game and learn more about the girls before continuing our tour. They showed us the school and told us they have 3 teachers for 145 kindergarten students! We saw the room where the vocational students complete their program and got a sneak peek at the items in their store. It’s amazing to see what these women can learn and create in only a year!

After we looked at the store we ventured over to the agricultural side of the property. We were guided to the farm animals first, where we saw goats, chickens and a pig sty. We learned yesterday from Robert that pigs were the foundation of this sports outreach program in Gulu, as 3 pigs traveled the same journey that we did today (Kampala >> Gulu) when the program was just beginning. We also saw a beautiful field of sunflowers and a TONS of corn. After the tour we had a delicious dinner with Moureen, who gave us the back story of Sports Outreach in Gulu and shared about what we will be experiencing in our next days here. We are all very excited to be in a new place and meet more incredible people.

Thanks for tuning in!


Natalie, Anna, and Carly

P.S, Mom… promise we didn’t get out of the van to pet the baboons! 😉

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