Safari Adventure

What a lovely day it was. We began with some yummy pancakes (thanks Mya!) which fueled us for the three hour drive to Paraa Safari Lodge. Seriously Mom, look this place up! The drive was a bumpy one, but the change of scenery kept our hopes high. As we entered the gates to the safari district, Wilfred noticed that one of the tires was nearly flat. We had to turn around and went to the nearest town to get that fixed. We sat in the bus for an extra hour while they fixed the tire. Unfortunately that decreased the amount of time we had to check into our hotel, eat lunch, and catch the river cruise on the Nile River! Uh oh! However, as Connor likes to say, “a minor setback, is primed for major comeback!” The words rang true as we made it to the ferry with only seconds to spare! This added some excitement to our afternoon.

The River cruise was unlike anything any of us have ever experienced. It felt as though we were living our childhood dreams of seeing a multitude of African animals (Giraffes, Elephants, Wort hogs, water buffaloes, crocodiles, hippopotamus, monkeys, and more!). Don’t worry Mom we took plenty of pictures. The sounds of “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King were running through our heads the throughout the day. The cruise took close to two hours and dropped us off near two huge waterfalls.

After we were dropped off, we had a hour long hike along the river which led us to the top of the waterfalls. It was unbelievable witnessing these falls and how they portray the power of our God. Following our hike Wilfred had the bus ready for us at the end of the trail and we shuttled back to the lodge.

Today has definitely showed us a completely different side to Uganda. The tourist-y stuff we did today is completely different than the villages and slums we have been in this last week and it has been a cool opportunity to see both.

Quote of the day: “Did you hear about the hippopotamus that is being put on trial for murder?” “Right now he is in de-Nile!” – Ashleigh

Connor, Taylor and Natalie


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