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Blog for Tuesday, August 13th

We started the morning with an early 7:30 wakeup, but it wasn’t nearly as painful since Sam, our outreach coordinator/fearless leader/best friend, showed us that we could order any type of eggs we wanted from the kitchen: a revolutionary discovery.

After that, we headed to Sports Outreach Ministries again for another beautiful morning of worship and devotion. Worship was done in the simplest of forms, yet was so lively and fulfilling. Only voices, no instruments, and amazing acoustics that filled our hearts. We then moved to the field to have a warmup game of dodgeball with the Good News Team (Sports Outreach’s soccer team). We got to teach them how to play, and it didn’t take long for them to completely destroy us. Afterwards, we all debriefed the game and made connections between dodgeball and our walk with the Lord, in hopes to be able to share this game and these lessons with the kids they work with.

At the home visit, the other group met with “Jaja,” a grandmother who lives in a village in Kampala. She told us her story, sharing with us that one of her sons has passed away and the other one is missing, and as a result she is now taking care of her two grandsons. They were so welcoming and excited by our presence, and they even told their friends and neighbors about our arrival and they came and visited us as well.  Their neighbor had a small farm and chopped down four stalks of sugarcane for us to take back and share with everyone else.

After the soccer training and home visit, we had a fun lunch with the Sports Outreach coaches. We headed to Katwe, a slum in Kampala, where the organization’s chess outreach program began, and also the infamous location of Disney’s Queen of Katwe. We did a water filter demonstration and were able to pass out around 20 water filters to the members of the community. As we handed out the filters, their appreciation could be seen through their loving smiles and big hugs.

Afterwards, Robert Katende, the executive director of Sports Outreach Ministry in Kampalagave us a tour of Katwe, pointing out various locations where scenes were shot in the film. Afterwards we headed back to our hotel for dinner, and got to spend more time with Robert, who shared about his multi-year history with the organization, their programs and plans for the future.

Taylor, Hailey, & Natalie

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