Rain, Delays, and More Rain

This morning we had the opportunity to visit another village. When we left our temporary home, we expected a typical hot and sunny day in Tamale. However, the further we drove the darker the sky became. Within seconds, the wind picked up and it began to pour like crazy. We made an immediate stop to cover the suitcases that were stacked on top of the vans. As we continued driving, water started to pour through the trunk of the car and the air vents. It was an adventure to say the least.

Once we reached the village, we ran through the pouring rain and took cover under a tin overhang of one of the family’s homes who live in the village. We were able to learn that the young son had had a tumor in his nose and Sports Friends helped him to get the medical care that he needed in order to remove the tumor. The surgery happened over two years ago and today was the first time Sports Friends was able to see the boy since then. After greeting the family, we were able to pray over them and it was clear that the family was very grateful for our visit.

Soon after, we all hopped into our vans to get out of the rain, just to find out that one of vans was stuck deep in the mud. People from the village ran over to help push the van out. Even though the day up to this point did not go according to our plans, we were still seeing God work through the family we met and the people in the village.

When we were finally unstuck from the mud, we headed to the airport to fly back to Accra. Because of the weather, our plane was super delayed—it was supposed to take off at 1:00 but didn’t end up leaving until almost 5:00. We made the most of our time together, though, by playing cards, napping, challenging each other with riddles, and just continuing to learn about each other. After a short 45-minute plane ride, we landed in Accra and drove 2 hours to Ada. We’ll be here for 3 nights and will be helping Sports Friends with an overnight camp.

We hope for a restful night, as these next 3 days will be long and busy. As our excitement for camp grows, please pray that God will work through the coaches in being role models for the children and that the children’s ears and hearts will be open and receptive to God’s love and everything He has to offer them.

With love,
Hilary and Abby

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