Hard Goodbyes

After a much-needed night of sleep, we woke up early to begin our last day of camp in Ada. We headed straight to the field where we began with Joey and Ryann sharing a piece of their story. From there, we kicked off a camp-wide futbol tournament. With five fields, each team was able to play each other. The kids were so excited to play the sport they love. They weren’t afraid to get a little dirty – you should have seen their celebrations after scoring a goal. The kids demonstrated great competitive spirit and good sportsmanship as they would help each other up and tend to fallen teammates. Following the futbol tournament, we played a big game of hand ball, kids vs. coaches. Despite the tough loss for the coaches, we still had a blast running around with the kids. After hand ball, we handed out awards to players that showed exceptional character. Lastly, we circled up for a final prayer, which was followed by buckets of water being thrown on all the kids. It was a great surprise for the kids! Before goodbyes, we played with bubbles that we had brought and took photos to remember our teams. The goodbyes were tough and included many final high fives and hugs, but it was encouraging to see that such strong relationships were built in a few short days.

After camp, we headed back to the hotel, packed up, and headed back to our first destination in Accra. We got to enjoy a much need change in cuisine as we had pizza and ice cream instead of the typical chicken and rice. We ended the evening debriefing our week here in Ghana. We had great discussions about the many ways in which we saw God working this week even through challenges that we faced. We closed the night playing cards as a team and preparing for our last day here in Ghana.

Peace & Luv,
Drew and Hilary

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